Monday, October 3, 2016

Our scary scarecrow & chippy preferences.

Our whisker-less garden cat got booted out of her spot by a friendly little scarecrow today.

This will surely scare off those pesky crows.

 That's ok, greeter cat, you have the title of 'greeter' for eleven months of the year. :)

See that little red house behind the scarecrow.  That is a squirrel feeder that we built for our resident family during the winter last year.  They pop inside, out of the wind, to eat their seeds and nuts. In -30C they really appreciate it.                                                                 

Someone else likes to use it, too.
That's our little Simone; Simon's lady-friend.

                                             "Hi, Simone."
She loves it in there.
He's not well-mannered when it comes to sharing his food so she eats there and he eats at his front door.

                           *Ding-dong* service. 

He enjoys his daily apple soooo much.
His preference is Mac's.
And he always takes a big chunk into his den for later.
He probably has enough down there to make a pie.


He's starting to fill up his pantry now for winter.
What could it possibly look like down there?
Simon may have a few more hoard areas. :)

He's such a handsome little guy.

"Yes, he does look delicious, doesn't he?"


hugs, Deb


  1. You are so good to all the little critters on your farm Deb. They must be so happy that you moved in.

  2. Simon and Simone are awesome...!xx
    Love'em to bits..! :)
    And Audrey!x Your a card..any card,
    Christmas coming up..Bless!x

    HeHe! Bet you get crows on yer scarecrow
    Deb..!!! :).

  3. Morning Deb....
    Thanks for the giggles to start my day!
    Have a great one!
    Linda :o)

  4. Wonderful photos of Simon and Simone! I love the clever squirrel feeder and you remind me about fruits as well as seeds for Lizzie's friends. Yes, she thinks they look delicious too!

  5. Hello Deb, your blog is just gorgeous! The lovely Willie told me about it and I'm so glad he did. Barbara

  6. I just love chippies, but we don't have any around us. Which is why I enjoy your photos so much! I also love sassy Audrey!

  7. Fun fun fun! I always enjoy seeing what Simon is up too. Happy to see the audacious one is being "normal"..... !!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  8. I like Simon. I hope he sleeps well this winter - and Simone, too. Will Simon share his burrow, I wonder?

  9. Especially love your photos and close-ups but the prose is priceless! TY

  10. Oh no! Naughty Audrey! They do look nicely fattened up, though! x Karen

  11. Wonderful Deb ... how lovely to be a little critter at your place - you would certainly be well fed & cared for. You can just see "that look" in Audreys eye cant you ??!!

  12. The chippies are very busy right now getting themselves ready for winter.

  13. Simon does look like a healthy little guy... (maybe even "delicious" in Audrey's eyes)

  14. I love this post! You always make me smile. You and Audrey. That little Simon is adorable. I could just picture his cozy little home under the ground. Glad you showed us the layout.

  15. Wonderful photos . Catching up a bit with blogs lol .The weather here after all the rain we had last week has been summer like again during the day and cool at nights and we are loving it . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and Thanks giving .

  16. This is amazing! I never knew those underground bunkers were so intricate! Drainage tunnels and escape routes....who knew! Cute and smart!

  17. I always thought they built up body fat before hibernation but that isn't the case. They rely on their underground stores. I always give them shelled nuts but I guess a bag of unshelled nuts would be a better move.
    Maybe Mr Scarecrow could be moved to a different location and the watch kitty could be dressed in seasonally appropriate attire. Or maybe even kitty and scarecrow keeping company together.