Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Christmas memory.

I'd better lock up the old out-house so we don't have any confusion on Christmas eve.
The old out-house on our property is probably one hundred and fifty years old. It's been moved from here to there and, of course, it is out of commission now, but it is a piece of history here and always a conversation piece.

Our trail is covered in untouched snow.

I was thinking back to when I was a child and would come out to my grandmothers' farm house for Boxing Day dinner.
There would be a few families gathered around the table in the front room that held not only the Christmas tree but the oil tank, too.  Oh, the character of old homes. :)
Christmas music would be playing on the old turn-table.
The dining table was filled with aunts and uncles and cousins who had gathered to have another big Christmas meal with my grandmother.
From that table, you could hear the wood crackling in the wood-stove in the winter kitchen. And traditionally, it was a big fat chicken with all the trimmings that was the star of the meal.
Granny's pumpkin pie was the preferred finale of the feast.

After we had all stuffed our faces, the cousins would each receive a nice white envelope with a Christmas card and a brand new $2.00 bill inside. And there was always a bag of candy for each of us, too.
Believe it or not, that was a big deal to us kids.
Remember...that was one hundred years ago. ;-)
It's funny the memories you have at Christmas time and the ones that you hold so dear.

While Audrey guards the Christmas tree,
geesh, she's weird

and Annie snoozes off lunch

We wish you all a fun and peaceful week while you prepare for Christmas.

I'm heading out to fill the feeders and the heated birdbath.
It's like Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS out there.
hugs, Deb


  1. Enjoyed reading your nice post of Christmas past. A heated bird house? whoa, lucky birds... Have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, lJ

  2. Sweet/fun memories ... just what this time of year is all about!
    Purrs and Hugs .....

  3. How I love hearing your memories Deb! Those days long ago are held precious! Just lovely!

  4. That snow looks so cold. Seems like just a few days ago all those trees were pretty and green. Those are such good memories. I remember those old wood stoves. Both my grandmas died when I was very young, but I had several older aunts who cooked on them. Mama used to say when they peeled an orange they would lay the peelings on the wood stove to dry. It made the house smell good. Annie is so pretty, and Audrey does look concerned. :)

  5. I love snow and I am hoping we get some in NC this winter. I love the old outhouse. I love memories of my granny's house even though she did not have a wood stove.

  6. Goodness! That old outhouse....Reminds me of
    the one we had at the bottom of our garden...
    Long time ago now...I was five! oooops!
    All that paperwork...And, ours did slant as well.
    No lock on the door, so you had to whistle, when
    you were in there! Bless! :).

    And, Audrey!x Keep your eye on things, don't let
    things go missing, cos the man in the red suit will
    be along to see you soon...! :).

  7. have a merry xmas at the mouse house! stay safe & warm over the holiday season
    love Audrey & Annie, they look so peaceful
    thanx for sharing

  8. Wonderful memories of Christmases past. Your old outhouse is wonderful, have a happy week:)

  9. It's always amazing how the simple structures seem to survive the years.
    The free flowing water and seed must be a real treat for the birds. Are the kitties enjoying the feathered visitors?

    1. Oh yes, Kari. It is great entertainment from their cat tree and the dining table. lol We have hundreds of birds needing food now. I'm about to feed them again this morning while it is still -20C

  10. Ah, yes, memories. And you'll be creating memories for your children and grandchildren again this Christmas. Is everyone coming to the mouse-house for Christmas dinner?

    The photographs of sunset through the trees are beautiful; very evocative.

    1. No, John. It is 600 sq ft. here and there are 13 of us. lol We'll be going to our old house that our daughter is taking care of for the big dinner.

  11. I too enjoy watching the birds! Not, "The Birds"...but, Rod Taylor was a gorgeous hunk!

  12. What an incredibly beautiful memory, Deb. I, too, remember that exciting feel of Christmas, the journey, the dinner, the gift... biggest sigh. Thanks for helping me remember.

    Your property is so beautiful. I can only imagine the joy you have as you take your walks or go out to feed the birds. Biggest sigh!