Saturday, December 3, 2016

A little more Christmas

Our snow is melting away.
But that's ok...
it was here far too early this year.

The mouse-house is coming alive with Christmas. It's so tiny here so
I'm just adding little touches here and there.

This little house opens up.

Annie always helps with decorating.

This garland was an adorable gift from a blogger years ago.

A little birdie told me the colder weather is on the way.
I went into action and filled the feeders, the suet cages and put the heater in the bird bath.
Anything for my little chickadees and their friends. 

Like this beauty.
I feel so privileged when cardinals come to visit.
(taken through our garage window)

Soon we'll head out to find the purr-fect little tree.
Enjoy your Sunday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Everything looks very pretty at your house Deb. I love the cat garland!

  2. My birdies have been going crazy at the feeders today - they definitely know we are in for a cold snap!!

  3. Your mousehouse is looking so beautiful & christmassy Deb. I adore that little garland. Bless Annie - Miss Pippi has been "helping me" with the decorating too. As you move into the cold temps we are just getting hit with the heat here now - we missed spring somewhere along the way.

  4. I hope you find the purrrrrrrfect tree! That garland is adorable. I need one!

  5. That cat garland is so sweet! I love your little houses. -Jenn

  6. What a beautiful and regal cardinal! That little house you have that opens up, I have one that is identical,my mother sent me those back when the kids were just babies, it was set of like three little houses maybe? Do you have the others as well? I love your lively kitty kat so cute! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  7. Whatever would you do without little Annie? The mousehouse is adorable, and that kitty cat garland is perfect for your old cupboard. You have such a cozy little place.

  8. I remember your darling cat garland on your banister from Christmas past Deb! How precious! The perfect wreath on your china's all so festive!

  9. Your lovely warm little house is looking adorable as you ready for Christmas. I'm already missing decorating but that's the way it will have to be this year!

    Cold here today - we raked and dragged leaves to the street yesterday in warm sunshine and it was enjoyable. Today I'm off to the theatre for Cinderella (the matinée performance) with daughter and granddaughter - another Christmas tradition - we still love to watch the characters on stage despite us gals all being 'grown ups' now, haha!!

    Filled all the bird baths this morning, they are looking for water as we've had no rain, and Bob's doing the feeder rounds right now, they are ravenous and gobbling seed faster than we can fill!

    Happy day dear friend.
    Mary x

  10. It is looking festive at your house. I finally got my tree up and so far Annie Belle hasn't noticed it. Lets see how long that lasts! Hugs.

  11. Pretty, pretty! I love your wreath and your kitty banner makes my heart sing! Could it be more fitting?!

  12. Such sweet decorations. Any suggestions for having a Christmas tree with three cats who love to climb? XOXO

  13. That cardinal's a real beauty!

    The Christmas farmer's markets are on here each weekend up to the one before Christmas Eve, and it was busy this morning.

  14. Hurrah for the plum pudding kitties garland! I love it.

  15. I love your (and Annie's) decorating style!