Tuesday, November 29, 2016

love equals flowers and Christmas preparations continue.

The weekend was a busy one; lots of family get-togethers. We celebrated my youngest daughter's 30th birthday on Sunday morning with a birthday breakfast. How my baby is 30 already is a mind-blower but it's here and we are happy to celebrate with her. She is the artist in our family and we are very proud of her. 

There was a delicate little bouquet of flowers for her at the table and a story, told by my son, John,  that went like this...
His six year old daughter, Riley, told her dad to buy Allie flowers.

Riley: "Allie's your sister, right?"
John: "Yeah"
Riley: "And you love her?"
John: "Yeah"
Riley: (In a serious, matter-of-fact tone) "Then you buy her flowers on her birthday."

Christmas preparations are being made at the mouse-house.
It's cold outside now and we have had freezing rain.
There is still snow on the ground.
So now the shoveling and pushing snow from here to there begins.
Although, I hear it is to warm up this week. :)

One hundred more lbs. of seed was bought
so our resident birds are good.
And we have many more than usual to feed while our neighbours are down south.
We will gladly take care of them all.


Christmas cards are finished (thanks for your help, Annie)
and two very excited felines have their letters to finish. 
Were they naughty or nice this year?
Audrey's went something like...

Dear Santa,
Let me explain...


hugs, Deb


  1. Way to go, getting the Christmas cards out! I have yet to begin.

  2. Annie looks adorable decked out for the holidays! Poor Audrey, I'm sure the explanation will be classic.

  3. Awww...Annie looks very festive! No snow here but my feeders sure are busy!

  4. Great post. Whole thing made me smile: Riley coaching her dad...little Annie and her festive collar...and, of course, Audrey's letter to Santa. Too funny. Rainy here too in Nebraska ><>

  5. Belated wishes to your "baby"...🎉
    Love that collar on Annie....
    Not a flake of snow here yet....
    Enjoy the rest of your week Deb...
    Cards done? I haven't shopped! Maybe I won't....hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  6. Annie would be a terrific helper! I'm thinking that, in her festive collar, Annie would be very pretty on a Christmas card ♥

    1. I agree,,, that pic of pretty Annie wearing her festive collar would make a great card cover photo. Gail

  7. I agree, Annie would make one sweet Christmas card.

  8. Riley knows what she's talking about. :) Annie sure is cute in her Christmas collar. Oh Audrey, maybe Santa will understand...

  9. Your helper in her Christmas collar looks lovely. My fur girls have a similar collar that stays on for maybe 1 blurred photo shot. Their letters to Santa would read mostly "... well so what, you are not the boss of me ..."

    Riley's instructions to her Dad are SOOO sweet & yes happy belated wishes to your daughter. Brothers usually get off lightly on sister's birthdays - or so it seems (col).

  10. That Riley is so sweet! I know Tiger loves his sister so much and can't stop hugging and kissing her at times. Big Love we call it. Annie is adorable and I need to get Annie Belle something cute for Christmas. Audrey, well we love you anyway. Hugs!

  11. Riley is wise beyond her years!! Love the fur babies, and I'm so happy that our Audrey and Fraidy went to a loving home. Tiffany, the new mom, is going to Instagram me photos of them. She's really a sweet and capable girl and I'm so thrilled! Have a wonderful week.

  12. Very nice of you, Annie. You such a good helper!!! I love all the pictures you took. Pure happiness before the holidays:)

  13. Happy birthday to your daughter! It'd be neat to see some of her work on your blog some time.

    I think freezing rain is the worst winter weather and, though I'm pleased it will be warmer for you soon, the opposite will happen here: colder! Minus 16 in a few days, so the prediction runs. Time to dress warmer!

  14. Aw... doesn't beautiful Annie look festive! And I hope Santa has an understanding heart for Audrey explanation!

    Wishing you some warmer weather and no freezing rain. Freezing rain is just the hardest to deal with for being out and about safely. Take care.

    Happy Holidays to you, Deb,

  15. Your flower story is just great! And I'm loving your decorations.

    My birds are mainlining seed this week -- and we don't even have snow! Bulking up!

  16. We love Annie's bell collar.

    I'm afraid Marie's Christmas letter to Santa will be similar to Audrey's.

  17. Ask Annie if she will come here and help me with our cards! Pay includes salmon bits and catnip!

  18. Happy Birthday to your daughter! My youngest is now 32. Time flies, but I don't know where it goes! Riley is one wise little gal. Such a cute little kitty collar. We are expecting snow maybe this weekend. 'Tis the season.......x Karen

  19. I love this post! And Annie is my favorite here!