Thursday, November 3, 2016

Taking it up a notch for the birds.

Wednesday was a beautiful day for working outside. We like to have a burn to get rid of brush and the branches that have fallen of late so we did that first thing.                 

He seriously thinks that I can't see him.

There's a new addition at the bird station today.
My neighbour makes these and gave me one to hang at the mouse-house.
Sweet neighbour.
He's a bird me now. :)
I know the fir trees are their first choice for cover when the cold wind blows but this will be available if they want it.
He told me a little wren nested in one of these last summer.

There are very few leaves left on our maples now.
Most are bare.

An onion bag is perfect for hanging suet.
That will bring the chickadees, for sure.
They like the suet cages, too.
Today there were chickadees, nuthatch, mourning doves, blue-jays and a lone female cardinal feasting along with the ever-present squirrels.
'Bottoms Up'


(Spoiled rotten cat)

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, I always enjoy your photos so much, along with your dialogue! I love the birds too, but it's hard for me to get photos here because Abi starts barking as soon as she sees me with my camera going out the patio doors. That's a great little bird house. Our leaves aren't even turning yet!

  2. The squirrels are so cute. Audrey looks very comfortable.

  3. Beautiful bird pics! Love that new birdhouse! Cool!
    Audrey always makes me laugh...
    Enjoy your evening Deb..
    Linda :o)

  4. Oh the critters and birdies must be grateful for all the treats you give them through the winter.

  5. I love that little shelter! So cute! We've had about 75 sparrows at our feeders this week. They are draining those things daily! haha. All the couples that nested and all their babies...makes quite a flock! I think I better put out some suet soon!

  6. None of the photos came out on my post..Deb! :(.
    This does happen from time to time...only on
    yours though!

  7. None of the photos opened Deb...
    It happened post before last, and
    sometimes some of the photos down
    the side bar don't open...only happens
    here! :(.

  8. Deb, I was shocked to see you've already had a snowfall! It was 80F here yesterday - thankfully it's now cooling off and not a moment too soon for me!
    Out with the sweaters and boots this weekend.

    Your birds and squirrels must be 'in heaven' with all they are offered in your lovely garden. Your neighbor's nesting box is lovely, what a great idea. Our pair of wrens are back at night, snuggling in the now almost dead Boston fern hanging baskets on the porch - this is repeated year after year and I love seeing them and hearing them arrive just before dark. The chickadees have also returned, and that big old woody is back stuffing acorns along the top my back door - when I open it they rain down on my head, haha!

    Sorry I've been absent with comments but I have been reading your always great posts - life is just too hectic!

    Hugs - Mary

  9. An onion bag is a great idea. Would an orange bag work for the suet? Hmmm.
    I must go get more seed. The squirrels have been very piggish. Audrey! Adorable!

  10. It's looking fabulous, Deb. I love the onion bag idea. Yes, stocking up on seed and such. You get the best bird photos and I love the wooden bird shelter. You take such good care of them -- I love that!

  11. The maple seems to lose its leaves quickly, once it starts. The smell of burning wood and leaves is one of the smells of autumn, I think, just as geese honking overhead is one of its sounds.

  12. Your neighbor makes great bird houses! And Audrey isn't spoiled; she just demands perfection...what's wrong with that? hehehehe

  13. spoiled rotten is right! but isn't she just adorable cuddled up under the blanket?
    wow that is a very good bird house/nesting box, more natural so should be more liked
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing