Friday, November 25, 2016

A special walk and on with the decorating.

Thank you all for your nice comments on my previous post. Kane is remembered with much love by our family and friends and by many of you, I see. Thank you for that.

A walk along one of Kane's favorite trails was only made better by bringing our grand-dog, Forrest, along yesterday. He had a blast and had us laughing at his antics. He loves the snow so much.
He's a big boy, almost 100 lbs. He was rescued four years ago from a very bad situation and now lives a happy dog's life. His favorite person in the world, next to my daughter and partner, is the retired-guy. He almost turns inside-out when he sees him :)

I hope every one of my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving. Now you have no excuse to not start the Christmas decorating madness. I look forward to all the fun posts.

                                      "Welcome guests."

I think the kitchen window needs lights. :)

The lambs have gathered on the cupboard while we right that wrong. 

"Yes, you can help me, Annie."

I'll get a photo outside tomorrow. It's too late right now and I can hear the coyotes. :(

Mr. & Mrs Cardinal dropped by for breakfast this morning.
I think we are the favored fly-thru on our road this winter so
I might meet some new birds this season. :)

hugs, Deb



  1. Hi Deb, Forrest is a handsome dog. Is he a Labrador or Doberman? My Lab adores cold weather. Although we don't get snow here in South Africa, he slept outdoors on the frosty lawn during his first winter. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Greetings Jo

  2. It is all looking so festive! I had a good Thanksgiving and now I'm ready to start the Christmas decorating!

  3. 100 pounds! What that dog must eat! I love the woods in the snow; it looks so peaceful. And the decorations on and in the Mouse-house are perfect. Everything is getting ready for the season!

  4. The cardinals are wonderful!
    The sheep are cute, cute, cute!

  5. ...and the race is on...

    I think you need lights around your kitchen window, too!

  6. Forrest is a very good boy!

    That's a splendid shot of Annie!

  7. So pretty! I love the lights around the window and I always adore your cupboard. I started today before I was derailed and feel a little put out that tomorrow will be partially derailed, too! Still, it's on the way, this decorating gig, and I can't wait!

  8. Such pretty lights.
    Have I mentioned how much I love Annie's sweet face ♥
    The cardinals are beautiful!

  9. It is looking cold and very Christmasy there. It made me shiver when you said you could hear the coyotes. Glad you waited. The kitchen window looks so pretty with the lights added. Bet Annie was a big help.

  10. Forrest, I feel so good to know you. I feel like .. I'm a tiny little kitten.. tee..heh
    Stay warm & Have a lovely weekend