Sunday, November 13, 2016

Planting spring bulbs and tea-time.

It was a beautiful, sunny day today.  Audrey took full advantage of it.

The feeders were frantic with hungry birds; especially the chickadees. 

Sweetest little things.
It's time to help fatten them up for what's coming.

My spring bulbs were planted; mostly along the front fence and where we laid our Kane to rest last year.  We also painted a stone from the property and placed it there.
I am content now with his resting place. He is near us and deserves to have many beautiful flowers surround him come spring. He will soon be gone a year and I miss him everyday. He was our good dog; our Kanie.
And time goes on. Are you getting excited about Christmas?
I am. I can't wait to see all the grands opening gifts and stockings and playing together. I like to spoil my own kid, too. And let's not even talk about the food. :)))

I opened a box of shortbread today and brought out a pretty tea-cup from the cupboard. It is one of my favorite as it was sent to me awhile back by a follower because it reminded her of the mouse-house. :) How sweet is that.

Tea tastes so good in it.
Isn't it pretty.

I don't think I could ever get through a day without tea. Not since I was 8 years old. haha!
My grandmother got me started as we (me and my cousins) sat around her old wood stove as children. Then I had tea every night with my mom after our dinners at home.
Just one cup with lots of milk.
Nice memories.

The homes in our area are already lighting up with a few Christmas lights.
It looks so pretty.
It may be early but that's ok with me.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Deb, you can see the love in Kane's resting place and come Spring the flowers will be amazing. I know you miss him every day. He was as blessed to have you as you were to have him in your life. I have been following your blog for a little over a year and I remember well when he passed because we lost our dear 16 year old cat that very same week. I wanted so to write you then but just could not at the time.

    Thank you for sharing your love of your sweet ones with us all. I enjoy your blog so very much. That Audrey is really something and Annie is just beautiful.

    I love that tea cup and all your memories of your Grandmother!

    Thank you for being here!


  2. I've planted a lot of bulbs, too! But the ones that have to go 6" deep I haven't done yet. I was waiting for a day after rain and it hasn't come!

  3. Oh! No! Can't go through the day without tea! :).
    Several cups in fact...just this last week, l've
    had loads of visitors, have'nt felt that good,
    nothing serious, but, as soon as people here l'm
    unwell, they pop round in their droves! HeHe!
    Strange most of them bring food...don't know why,
    l've enough food to compete with most supermarkets! :).
    And, the cup/saucer are really lovely, and, yes, tea
    tastes so much better, drank out of such cups!

    And..those bulbs with look lovely in the spring, around
    Kane's resting place! That's lovely!x

    HeHe! And Audrey...Don't you fall off of there! :0).

  4. Hello Deb, so much love shines through in the last resting place for Kane. Audrey is the most! Greetings Jo

  5. I love the peaceful photos you share! I also love tea since my youth!

  6. I made my favorite shortbreads to take to an event this weekend and was so glad when there were a few left over. Not a lot -- just enough so I could enjoy a couple too!

    Kane's resting place makes my soul smile. Yes, flowers. Lots of bright yellow ones that trumpet the joy he gave you. And a wonderful stone. I'm glad he's close to you. Big hugs.

  7. Beautiful resting place for Kane. That teacup is so sweet. It's finally getting cooler here and I'm enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoons now!

  8. A fitting and peaceful resting place for Kane.

  9. I cant go a day with out a cup or two of tea not in the cards here for us either lol ! My parents were both British as is most of my family so it was instilled in me from birth lol ! yes nothing like a cuppa of tea after a supper either I love dipping my shortbread cookies in my tea to YUMMY ! Lovely cup and saucer and your photos of your birdies are great yes our birds are pigging out at the feeders and suet's to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Kane will love his spring flowers! Audrey has got quite the dangle going on there!

  11. Honestly Deb, you make having a cup of tea sound so delicious! I mean it! I'm buying myself some tea and a box of shortbread and pulling out one of my pretty teacups (sitting in the cupboard going to waste) and trying it again. :) Such a sweet peaceful place for sweet Kane. The bulbs will bloom so pretty there.

  12. I think the world would be better drinking more tea than coffee. Coffee makes one jittery; I know people who get severe headaches without coffee. One never hears that about tea. Tea is soothing; coffee is provoking. Even their preparations are contrasts: coffee is something one 'grabs' on the way somewhere; tea takes time and patience. I've always thought there was something in the fact that coffee is the national drink of the U.S., while tea is drunk in England.

  13. That is a very pretty tea cup! The treats look so enticing.
    Kanie's resting spot is beautiful. ((hug))
    Ear scritches to Audrey girl.

  14. Hi Deb, I loved your memories of having tea - and the cottage teacup! Your loyal Kane has such a beautiful resting place. I'm sorry for your loss. We lost our Mr. J last October. It was just his one year anniversary, too. They give us so much during their short lives. Audrey looks quite content, doesn't she! It was lovely visiting, and thank you for your sweet comment on our new girl, Midgie!

  15. ohhh my goodness Audrey is hysterical! that photo just cracked me up!
    your tea cup is adorable, how sweet that a follower sent it.
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  16. Love what you have planned for Kane's resting place - it will be so pretty come Spring when the daffs bloom in all their golden glory.
    I LOVE shortbread too - do you buy Walker"s - that's my favorite. Now and then I've baked my own and must say it's very good - but I always eat far too much of it, naughty with al that butter and sugar!!!

    Happy teatime moments - and the chickadees are so sweet. Audrey's latest pose had me laughing.
    Thanks Deb for your always great posts.
    Hugs - Mary

  17. Is Kane at rest with the kitties? How lovely that their history of love, peace and contentment becomes part of the history of your land.
    I don't think I've gone a day since I first discovered tea without it. Oh yes, maybe one. I was in surgery. I was a regular little tea Jenny from a really early age. Although I do have my favorites, any tea will do. And the bigger the cup the better. Still using your idea of mixing the cup and saucer patterns and enjoying it to the max.

  18. That shortbread made my mouth water! I think I need a cup of tea now!

  19. It makes me so sad to think of your sweet Kane, I can only imagine how your heart breaks. I love that tea cup, and your afternoon treat looks so tasty!

  20. You look so cute and comfy in this picture, Audrey!!! I really like the tea-cup and all the beautiful memories it brings to you. Very nice to read post!!!

  21. I do believe I was born with a cup of tea in my hand, and couldn't imagine a day without out one. Your little cup is beautiful, and makes your tea time moments that much more special.
    Kane's resting place is a lovely reminder of his sweetness, and how much he was loved and is missed.