Monday, November 21, 2016

It's like 'Black Friday' at the feeders.

Winter has arrived in our part of the world. At least, if you look outside you would think that. The feeders were brought in this morning to thaw out and be re-filled for the many birds that showed up at the crack of dawn. For some reason,  there was a large amount of mourning doves all around the bottom of one feeder today; close to twenty. And the squirrels were up and out early from their cozy spot inside the old maple tree. Everything looked confused and frantic today. Chickadees, Cardinals, Finch, Juncos, Doves, Blue-jays and Sparrows. And they all looked hungry.

Our friendliest neighbours dropped in last week to say "so long" as they packed up and were heading to Florida for the winter.  smart They will be gone until April and have shut down their many feeders for those months. So.....guess where all their birds will be heading? 

"Over the meadow and through the woods...
To Debbie's mouse-house we go"
Stay tuned for lots of action as they fly in for a happy meal.

It's all about the Christmas season now since Thanksgiving is far behind us here in Canada. The Christmas lists, cd's and Christmas cards are scattered about on the table. I have more help than I need as I write. =^..^=
 Thoughts of gift-giving consumes me at the moment. And, I must make two new stockings to hang for our newest grandittles, Gus & Tenley, this year, :) :) All fun.

Best get busy.
I have more to do than lie around dreaming of cat-nip-filled mousies under the tree like someone I know.
Annie lying in HER french bread basket.

Stay toast
                            "Happy Thanksgiving"
to all my American friends. Hope there's lots of pumpkin pie to go around.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love your birdfeeder photos! This blast of super cold is daunting, but sunshine and smiles makes it all so pretty.

  2. It is always so pretty there, and sweet Annie just adds to the beauty. Dumb me. Now I know why you're decorating for Christmas...your Thanksgiving is over. I can be very slow at times. Sorry. :)

  3. It looks like Annie was quite comfortable!

  4. Love your bird feeder photos! Lucky you having cardinals! I'm in the UP if Michigan & we don't get them.

  5. Hi Deb, Commenting on your post just before this one--I absolutely LOVE that wreath hanging on your cupboard door--just my style! And your lambs are wonderful but my very fave of those is the little ceramic one that's lying down. We are just getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here so Christmas decorating will begin next week. Nebraska ><>

  6. Our birds were acting the same way today....very busy and frantically feeding. We're attracted 5-6 squirrels who are taking up lots of time on the feeders as the birds impatiently wait. Hmmm....

  7. Oh my goodness, it looks so cold, Deb! Hope y'all have plenty of warm coats, hats, gloves, hot chocolate or hot tea or hot coffee! LOl And a fireplace!!? Love the pictures of the birds gathering at their "restaurant" for their meals, they will definetly keep you busy especially if you now have extras.

  8. You put a smile on my face with your "Black Friday" metaphor. Gail

  9. Lovely photos .Oh with the neighbors gone away you will get even more of birdies now at your feeders how exciting , Audrey your a real card yourself lol ! My feeders have been busy to as has Miggs keeping the Squirrels in line with their own feeders as to not to stray to the birds ones and the feral cats away from them all . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and stay cozy .

  10. Annie looks SO content! This post is a reminder that last night before I went to bed I noticed the birds must be on Black Friday time here, too -- the feeder (the main one) was empty. So got to fill this morning! I love that term! Made me smile!

  11. So many hungry birds! I'm starting to think about Christmas also. Decorating, gifts for the little one's and for the older one's too. A new stocking for Miss Annie and maybe a cat tree for Christmas, I think she would enjoy that.

  12. Those little birdies must be so happy to have an alternative spot to feast at during the winter. Bless you for taking care of them all! More fun for you, too!

  13. I like your header - "Black Friday at the Feeders". and when you said it seemed all a little frantic, I thought, yes it has been these last couple of days at my feeders - I think it was that extreme wind blowing for 3 days. We are delighted to see a return of our "Ladies in Sweaters" (Morning Doves) return to our feeders. Your help at the table is adorable (of course). ... Mary-Lou