Thursday, November 17, 2016

Making the switch from Fall to Christmas.

Outside, that is.
Our nice weather is back so I'm outside doing more cleaning up. Our scarecrow came down and a Christmas tree went up at the old rock at the drive-way. It will be lit with white lights to help you find your way at our gate. Christmas wreaths were hung in our trees as you drive in. Again, it will add some light to this very dark road at night. Our gate lights up, too.

My Chickadees aren't sure what to make of that funny-looking tree.
(teeny-weeny lights)
I love Christmas
I think this year it will be here before we know it. 

I have my mouse-house work done for today thanks to my assistant who gave up on the cat-dancer to give me a helping paw. Or, just keep me company which is fine, too.

Not like someone else I know...

|"Move along, lady with mop......nothing to see here."

"And now I deserve a treat, right?"

Freeze-dried chicken treats for you, Annie.

Christmas decorating shall continue.
hugs, Deb


  1. Good work, Deb and Annie! Well done! Go back to sleep, Audrey.... :)
    Purrs and hugs -----

  2. Lovely photos and blog. I love Christmas, too. :)

  3. I'm doing outside lights tomorrow -- it's supposed to be 69! Of course, snow is due the next day, though it doesn't seem like much or anything that will stick. The plants get one more day outdoors...

  4. I too love Christmas, Deb! It's a magical time of year. We don't do a lot of lights (some in the greenery outside), but do lots of fresh garlands around the front door and on the fireplace... and old fashioned Santas about... and the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon candles mixed in with the scent of a fresh cut Douglas Fir. Love it! But it's only Thanksgiving... so Happy Thanksgiving for now!!

  5. Lovely photos of Annie! I love her peachy spots. :)

  6. Sounds like your almost all decked out up there . Lovely photos . Have a good day and enjoy this wonderful weather today .

  7. I so look forward to your posts! Annie is so beautiful. In that first picture, She almost looks like one of those cut-out kitty Christmas tree ornaments. Oh, and days is not complete without reading her little remarks to you. Seems like more and more folks are putting up Christmas decorations earlier this year. Christmas will be here and gone, so we need to make it last as long as possible. Maybe I will add some lights today. You inspire me!

  8. awww, sweet helper & companion there.
    would love to see photos of your lights, must look wonderfully mystical walking/driving up your driveway.
    love how Audrey hides under the blankets ...
    always a pleasure visiting here
    thanx for sharing

  9. So sweet! I am going to enjoy one more week of Fall and then get my Christmas out. I wonder how my annie will like the tree?

  10. Today is a warm day, with gale wind warnings for tomorrow! Maybe some of those leaves in the yard will blow away down the street...

  11. Audrey sure didn't inherit her mum's personality, did she? Maybe she'll want to help come New Year's Eve...

  12. I love Christmas and lights in winter's darkness never fail to make the season all the more cheery.
    Looking forward to seeing your Victorian kitties-with-plum-puddings garland!
    There is something very ethereal about Annie. Isn't there.

  13. I like it that you light up your driveway! Treats all around, I say!