Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It was a Merry Christmas.

and a long one at that.
We had Christmas eve and morning at the mouse-house with the fabulous felines and their free-loader friend, Forrest. Christmas dinner was at my daughters' with little Gwynn & Gus (and Hugo and Ruby, of course) and then on the 27th we celebrated with the whole family, thirteen in all, at my younger daughter's home. So, we are all Christmased-out.

It is time to relax and enjoy the next few days of the season with movies and festive leftovers. And I do believe I will break this lovely in (one of many beautiful gifts) and invite a few friends for tea.
                                          "Thanks, Santa"
I'll just leave you now with a heavy dose of  photos from the holiday season.

I wish you all a fun and relaxing week before we ring in the new year.

Our newest grandittle.

We had so much fun with the wee ones.
I have to make up for recent wrongs.
I will pay for this. :(

Enjoy the next few days of merriment.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Looks like a wonderful day with your lovely family. The photo of Audrey is awesome.

  2. Looks like you had fun!

    Audrey's going to get you back for that!

  3. What a bunch of cuties, Deb! Audrey is looking festive!
    I love your new teapot!

  4. I am smitten with your new teapot ;)
    Looks like you had all kinds of fun with the grandchildren, and mums and dads, and sweet fur-babies.
    Ooh Audrey, how you make me smile !
    Happy New Year to you all at the mouse-house :)

  5. Your grandlittles are getting so tall!
    That is a very nice teapot =)
    ...and yes, I think Audrey might be plotting some small revenge against somebody for that Santa Hat!

  6. Oh yes! Hell hath no fury like an Audrey scorned!... The pic of her in a Santa hat may well be worth the fury...;)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful, festive Christmas! We are doing the same...movies, leftovers and treats. Not quite ready to get into the routine just yet! Next week will be here soon enough!

    I laughed OUT LOUD at that last photo! haha. You better sleep with one eye open!

  8. Ah! Audrey!x You joined in after all...Bless!x

    Looks as though you all had a great time Deb..
    Hope that's the last of the turkeys..Have'nt
    seen them lately!

    Yes! And, a lovely, lovely New Year and 2017
    to one and all...not forgetting Simon of course!
    Hope he's snug and warm! Bless him!x

  9. Lovely warm photos, thank you Deb. Wishing you and your family a healthy and peaceful 2017.

  10. I just loved seeing your Christmas pictures. You have such a nice looking family...and beautiful grandchildren. Then Audrey pops up at the bottom and cracks me up! She is a trip! Happy New Year!!

  11. Oh goodness, what a busy Christmas time! Enough happy and bright times to last through the next few dark and cold months. How the little ones have grown. Time really does fly.

  12. Amazing! Lovely photos! Such a happy Christmas!

  13. Lovely Christmas. The little one's do make it super special. Annie is loving her toys but still think my feet under the covers are the best thing to attack. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! Hugs.

  14. Lovely Deb...
    All the best for 2017...
    Linda :o)

  15. Your photos are so great -- you can tell how much fun and how much love is in your family. There is great joy there.

    Sending beautiful happy new year greetings to you and the gang!

  16. What a fun Christmas it looked to have been. You are very lucky to have such a family. And how did you manage to get the hat on Audrey??

  17. So happy you had such a great Christmas together!!! Love all your beautiful pictures!!!

  18. What wonderful pictures! Merry Christmas Deb to you and yours and wishing you a happy 2017!!


  19. I can't believe it, and neither can my DH, our husbands could be twins. It really gave me a shaky moment when I saw the pic!

  20. What a wonderful Christmas you had...and had....and had!! Happy new year to you, Deb! xo

  21. Your grand babies are growing up fast! Audrey looks adorable in her Santa hat! Happy New Year!

  22. I don't have a blog, so the only way I can send one is as an attachment to an e-mail. Blessings

  23. What a lovely and busy family Christmas. It doesn't seem that Audrey appreciated her hat!