Thursday, December 29, 2016

In the grips of winter.

Altogether now...
"One of these things is not like the other..."

Your morning ear-worm. :-0

It is very busy at the feeders after the storm that blew in.
I am offering to mail snow to anyone who needs some this year.

It snowed all day today; non-stop.
Although the roads were a mess, I headed out early to do some cat-sitting in our area. I have three charges; Leroy, Neo and Serena who need one visit a day. Little Leroy is shy and I am working on getting his trust so he will stay in the room and play a bit. Some cats need time to warm up to even the cat-nanny (that's me) and we thankfully are making progress daily.

It still looks a little like Christmas at the mouse-house while things are slowly being put away.
Two stockings embellished for our youngest grands.
One is 9 months and the other 5 months.

We will keep our Charlie Brown tree up for the rest of the week and my wreath that had a little addition added to it Christmas morning with a stocking stuffer. :)

                                                   A cat makes anything look better. =^..^=

Once home for the day, I made another batch of suet for my hundreds of birds that seem to appear out of no-where. You would feel sorry for them today, believe me.

Ready for a quick freeze, then removed from freezer, cut into squares to fit the suet cage and back into the freezer bags until needed.
This makes approx. 12 suet cakes.
I'll have some happy birds, for sure.

We are in the grips of winter and there's no turning back now.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm sure your feathered friends greatly appreciate your kindness, Deb! Love your wreath with the new cat decoration. Drive safe in that bad weather! We are expecting snow for the New Year and then frigid temps for the week. No matter how much seed I put out, it's always eaten. Two buckets a day now! Wishing you all good things in the coming New Year, my friend. xx Karen

  2. Your first photo is so beautiful...lovely detail on the sparrow (?) feathers!
    That cat wreath is wonderful =)
    Those lucky are so good to them.

  3. Those birds are going to be very happy with the suet cake, our garden birds are needing extra food at the moment. You are right cats do make things look (and feel) better:)

  4. WINTER GRIP.....

    Why do you play this trick on us each year oh mother nature dear,
    The vice like grip of winter chill is worse upon the ear,
    But first it grabs you round the sides thrust your body up,
    It needs a little more to solve that Bovril in a cup,
    At least we know the spring will come and greet us in a while,
    and the thought of Christmas can warm you with a smile.

    But when you see the ice mosaic pattern on the river ,
    We pray that our poor feet will last and fight you with a shiver.
    But there’s something great about you winter, freezing though you are,
    and that’s when the door swings open and you’re greeted by a bar!

  5. I would like a bit of a cold snap here in uk, we are still seeing butterflies and bees and that cannot be okay. Good for saving on the heating but not for the wild life.

  6. It sounds awfully cold there. Wish all the little birds and animals had someone as sweet and caring as you, feeding and taking care of them. Looks like you have attracted a big portion of them. :) I am little by little putting away Christmas things.

  7. wow it certainly does look like a winter wonderland there, i've only ever seen snow here on the blogs i read or in movies or news, looks very, very cold! it's going to be close to 40`C all weekend here, hope it brings storms & rain once it's done baking us.
    gorgeous photo of the birds on the feeder there, you spoil them too much i think. i am trying to grow native trees for our here, i won't feed them, as many are migratory birds.
    stay safe & warm
    thanx for sharing

  8. Aw! I love the kitty on your wreath. You are so kind to make suet.

  9. Stay warm and you are so good to those sweet birds! Audrey appreciates it doesn't she? Hugs!

  10. The birds appreciate it.

    I crossed over to the Museum of History yesterday to take in their Napoleon exhibit before it closes in a week, and at one point on the Alexandra Bridge, the snow was falling strong enough that I could barely see the shores on either side.

  11. I leave my Christmas tree up until the Twelfth Day. I wish Christmas were celebrated that long these days.

  12. Oh the long cold winter months...simply can't do it! I so admire those who do! Stay warm and cozy! I hope the fur babies have someplace warm to hide!

  13. Your wreath with the kitty is perfect! I suspect we are due for your cold but so far it has gone north of us. Keep cozy. My birds are chugging down seed like an uniformed college kid at a kegger. So glad they have you!

    I don't start putting away till after Epiphany and then I'll switch Santa to Snow People and leave up the woodland and the "white" tree. The others will have to come down. Grand total this year. 14. Not all big! But big enough for lights!