Friday, December 16, 2016

T'is the season.

T'is the week before Christmas...

It is very cold today; biting cold.
But, the wind has calmed down and now it is the perfect winter's day.
The birds, squirrels and rabbits are busy cleaning up every single seed we put out there. The mix we have includes peanuts which is a big hit with the blue-jays.
I have not seen a chipmunk in a month now.
I hope Simon and his friends are doing ok. Yes...I worry about them. :-b
It was time to add some Christmas cheer outside for our feathered and furry friends. :)
It was -26C this morning but has warmed up a bit as the day goes on.
Our little red squirrels are happy for the food.

And someone wanted to help but was not impressed with her Christmas garb.

"Please get this off me or I'll shred you in your sleep."
"Audrey...Santa is listening." :(
"He already got my letter. It's just wait and see now."

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh that Audrey does not look happy at all!! Ha ha, what a cute collar!!

  2. My goodness how do you cope with such cold weather? So far we have had a mild one and not having to use much heating.
    Have a lovely Christmas Deb.

  3. This whole post is just adorable. And I love that cutie pie in the first picture. That looks like a page from an old fashioned story book. Well, your's does too, Audrey. You really do look good in that Christmas collar.

  4. Lovely photos of the red Squirrel. We don't see too many of them.
    It has been darn cold hasn't it?
    Audrey looks adorable!

  5. Our jays love the peanuts, too! I swear they can smell them and come as soon as they are put out! I bet Simon and friends are blissfully sleeping the winter away, all snuggled down together under the earth. Sweet dreams, Simon!

  6. Our birds are loving the sunflower seeds we have been putting out. I need to make some suet for the birds. I have 2 suet feeds and the birds love them.

  7. A week? What happened to the past month? And the one before that?

    Wow, Audrey looks displeased, to say the least.

  8. Cute post...... and Little Red Riding Hood for sure!
    And thank you, thank you Deb, for the link to Ol' Blue Eyes. He's to me what Sweet Baby James is to you. :)
    Super cold here too in Nebraska ><>.

  9. How wonderful, what a joy your blog is and your cats are beautiful. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog and for following too. I am now following you and look forward to reading your posts:)

  10. Audrey figures she can get away with it!

    Simon and friends are probably deep in their slumber time.

  11. Ha! Lizzie has one of those too. And she doesn't like it either, though after awhile she seems to forget it is there. I've got to go fill the main seed feeder. You're right -- they're eating like pigs -- and good for them! (Wish I could!)