Friday, September 1, 2017

Around and about the mouse house

Thank you everyone for all your encouraging comments this week. Audrey seems to be feeling better but this will take some time.  She is on far more medication than she thinks she needs but it's all doing it's job. Of course there are side-effects and we are dealing with that. I want my girl back to her old self. I miss her.
I can't tell you what a scare that was because when your cat looks like it is having seizures your head goes to a very dark place. Very dark.
I will be awhile getting myself back to normal as we continue this struggle to get her health back. 
I told her she has to get better so we can celebrate her 6th birthday soon.
 Just having the 'episodes' stopped brings much relief. I never want to see her go through that again. Although in this photo she looks very sad she is tonight feeling much better and just enjoyed a grooming session. She even purred for me. :)

Well, here it is September.

It's that time of year to cut and bring inside the beautiful hydrangea blooms to enjoy all winter long. They can lift your spirits when the cold wind blows outside.

Did I mention I love cats?
I do have quite a collection of cats on dishes. It just sort of happened. :-}

Another basket of veggies headed out the door today. 
I have to admit I am getting tired of my gardens and look forward to putting them to bed this fall. I'd like a few new fresh plants and garden decor to look at now.

The house-building is moving along. Right now it looks like a dance floor out there.  Although our workers were delayed to start they sure are making up for lost time. They have a great work ethic and energy to burn. And they play The Eagles music while they work which I give two thumbs up.
Simon seems to be taking it all in stride. I found him laying across a pile of floor trusses yesterday, soaking up the sun. Silly chip. And then he joined the workers as they had their lunch in the Adirondack chairs around the old pump. They would throw tidbits and he would scamper around collecting them up. This chipmunk is shameless. He was very entertaining and gave them a few laughs.

Here's a few photos from this week.
It's a noisy place around here.

 "Anyone care to dance?"
The walls go up on Tuesday. This house will be an open-concept (kitchen, living -room, dining corner) with a master bedroom and bathroom at the front. A loft will be built over the kitchen/ living-room that will have a bedroom, bathroom and office nook.  At some point, there will be an eight foot porch added on three sides of the house.
I checked out the full basement where I can have a small laundry room, play-room/sitting room for the grands and a cat area with a window leading to an out-door enclosure. Big plans...lots to do. :)
The fur-girls will love it.
Have a wonderful weekend. For Canadians it's a long one.  We have a grand's birthday tomorrow (Gwynn) and the retired-guy is another year older on Sunday. Lots to celebrate. :)

Have fun and thank you again from me and Audrey.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hotel California is my very favorite.....

  2. I'm so glad to hear Audrey is a little better. Still keeping you both in my prayers. The house is really coming along and looking great! I love your plans for the house and Audrey and Annie are going to love it!

  3. so glad Audrey is feeling a bit better & the seizures have stopped (not a pleasant thing to witness for animal or human)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! hope it's great, enjoy your days
    thanx for sharing

  4. Just keep getting better and better, Audrey. Sending love!
    Very exciting how the new house is coming along! Happy for you guys.

  5. Thank goodness Audrey is feeling better! It's a horrible drain on a person's mind when all you can think about is how your baby is suffering.
    Your house construction seems to be moving right along. It will be under roof before winter, right?

  6. I hope Audrey will soon be her mischievous self again--it is so frightening to have our beloved pets ailing.
    I gather the shell of the house is prefabricated [?] It will be encouraging to suddenly have walls!

  7. Glad to hear Audrey is doing better. It's so exciting to see the house go up! Keep posting those pictures. Sounds as if it is going to be beautiful.

  8. Well, Audrey couldn't be in more loving and better hands......she is a lucky lady!

    I am so ready for the garden to yield its yield and be over with! Here in No. CA. it has been one of the hottest and longest summers in a long time, and all I do is water, water, I am ready for fall and a little down time.

    Your new home sounds so wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing the building progress, as I am sure you are!

    BTW, Audrey looks lovely in the posted photo..

  9. I'm so glad to hear that Audrey is feeling better. She does look a little sad, but I love that unusual looking little face of her's. Your house plans sound beautiful, and that porch will be wonderful!! I am about sick of the garden too. :)

  10. Oh, I meant to wish a "Happy Birthday" to little Gwynn, and to the Retired Guy.

  11. I'm happy to hear Audrey is improving. Great progress on the house! It sounds lovely. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. A long weekend for us too, and I'm enjoying it at the lake. I'll get Rick from his current 400-mile ride tomorrow. Meanwhile, hanging with the Lizzie, painting and enjoying.

    I'm so glad to get good news of Audrey. I can only imagine how terrified you have been and how the seizures would take you dark. Me too. But hopefully the meds will do their trick, the side effects not too bad and things will be resolved.

    The house is really moving along! When do you anticipate completion? Well, at least you won't have to hire a van to move your furniture. Smart planning! The plans sound very good -- functional and so nice! Big sigh!

    Have a glorious and most celebratory weekend!

  13. Audrey is 6?!!!!!! Wow! How time flies. I remember when she was just a little bitty girl. when one of the fur babes is feeling bad, the whole house if feeling bad. Hope Audrey is soon back to "audaciousness"!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  14. I'm glad to read that Audrey is improving, but six years is far too young for such frightening behaviour, the poor thing. I know what you mean by wanting her back to normal. I want just to snap my fingers for all to be well. Sigh.

  15. I know...I know...the shocking and horrible seizures...I have thought about you both..glad she is doing well thus far. Prayers. I look forward to following your new home being must be so happy!

  16. It's great to hear that construction is humming along and, especially, that Audrey is getting better.

  17. Happy birthday to your hubby and your little Grand!
    Wow! I love the sound of your floor plan! How nice to have a catio for the girls. I am so glad Miss Audrey is better!

  18. I am just catching up with all the blogs and discovered the Audrey has been ill. Pleased to see that she is recovering now, you must have been beside yourself. House is looking good.

  19. Sending more prayers for Audrey's health and love... lots of love.

  20. Exciting with the new house coming together. I'm glad your Audrey is doing better.

  21. Glad princess Audrey is feeling better, what a scare you had!

  22. I can't believe Audrey will be 6! It seems like she was just a kitten a year or two ago. Glad to hear that she is improving. Continuing to send purrs and prayers her way.

  23. Big hug Deb...
    Deb & Rosie

  24. How nice to have a catio for the girls. I am so glad Miss Audrey is better!


  25. Audrey looks quite regal.

    Simon may have convinced himself that you're building winter quarters.