Friday, September 15, 2017

As we go...

 The house is coming along.
 (back of breeze-way)

The door behind me is off the bedroom that leads to the porch.
I tested it out today. :)
What a gorgeous day it is.
Porch will be wrap-around.

And our garden just keeps on giving

 Tomato sandwiches and tomato soup on the menu.

This pumpkin-head gal came home with me from the Farmer's Market.

The grandittles will like her.

Audrey is resting under Kane's watchful eye.
I know if Kane were here today he would be staying close to her.
We keep on moving forward; today was better than yesterday. Antibiotics can be hard on cats and we deal with the side-effects. I thank God she is eating well.
Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers for our little furry girl. She is worth to me all the care she needs right now so I am not going far. Duty calls. xo

Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely to see Kane watching over Audrey. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. She's got a good nurse to take care of her!

  3. Rest assured, Kane IS close by, giving Audrey...and and support. It's great that she's eating! Have a good weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing the update on the house, Deb. I love the idea of the wrap around porch. And watching a house take shape (especially your own) is so exciting. And happy to hear that Audrey is doing better.

  5. Lets hope that things keep improving, my heart aches for her.

  6. I have been thinking of you and of course Audrey....I prayed over Mae with all my might and I feel Audrey will turn the corner any day...she is blessed to be so loved. Warm hugs from all...

  7. Such a cute cat, so adorable. Thanks for the share, love checking out your blog!

  8. I know "our Audrey" is in the best of hands. She's in my thoughts more than you can imagine. I know Kane is watching over her -- but I hope he doesn't see her anytime soon. Glad every day is a little better. Let's keep that up!

    Love the house progress and your tomato harvest has me in awe!

  9. I feel for you Deb, we worry so much for the little's got great care and I believe she'll get over this soon..big hug....positive thoughts your way.

  10. Oh, Audrey. I hope and pray she's all well very soon. I love her.
    Your house is going to be just as wonderful as the mouse house! I really need to go out shopping for treasures. Your pumpkin head is so sweet!

  11. Glad Audrey is still doing well.
    Love the house pictures. So fun to see it through the
    stages of construction! yay!

  12. Thank you for the update on Audrey - and the new house, too. I loved seeing her laying under Kane's portrait.

    If she is having diarrhea from the A/B, the probiotic Fortiflora helped our kitty so much when the A/B bothered him. I am sure you and your Vet. are aware of it. It can be used as an appetite stimulate, too.

    Bless you,

  13. One thing is for sure, Audrey could not be in better hands. You take such good care of all your sweet animals. The little pumpkin-head is so cute. I've just got to get that old cupboard on the front porch dusted and add something pretty to it. You keep your cupboards so pretty and clean. I hope and pray Audrey gets well soon.

  14. Thanks for showing the picture of the breeze-way. I was wondering how that would be done. It is so neat how these two houses are going to come together as one big house! I can't wait to see the completed house!

    I am still praying for sweet Audrey to heal up and feel better. My two cats, Sophie & Zeus, both send healing purrs and love to Audrey!

  15. Miss Audrey we are sending big hugs across the oceans.

    Julie and poppyq

  16. Audrey is so lucky to have you and be in your loving care. I have a friend who works in a shelter on Bainbridge Island, WA, and she says they get too many cats dropped off that owners cannot care for...breaks my heart. Your home is coming along and it's so nice of you to share this journey with us. XOXO

  17. The house is becoming a house! The porch is going to be magnificent. Purrs and hugs to Audrey. She is so lucky to have you. She has some very special angels looking out for her.

  18. Each day that Audrey makes a bit of progress is to be given thanks for. We're keeping her in our prayers.

    Tomatoes! Don't you just love them. Savor your bounty now. In the winter all we'll have is an anonymous substance that is just colored and shaped like tomatoes.

  19. Your vet gave her probiotics, but if not Purina Fortiflora really helps,with antibiotic induced diarrhea Gail