Friday, September 8, 2017

If I had a hammer.. :)

I can't seem to get that song out of my head these days.

With the long weekend and lots of rain we only had three work days this week but the men made up for lost time.
Our building is starting to look like a house now with the first floor framed in and the loft was started today. 

Now it's getting exciting.
Monday the loft will be framed in.
That is, of course, if it doesn't rain (again).
The 8 ft. wrap-around porch will be started, too.
The breeze-way will be done last as the roof has to be lined up with the house roof.
Can you hear her snore?  She deserves a good long snooze after the last week she has had. Too many vet visits for her liking. I am so looking forward to the day she is back to her old self.She hates ear drops and meds given orally. yuk! yuk! yuk!
I watched her groom herself from top to bottom after breakfast today and that is such a good sign. Any positive steps forward after those dark days of seizures gives me much relief.

The chickadees are having fun flying around watching all the comings and goings here. They even land on the supplies and watch the show. :) I adore these birds. And they are so willing to pose for me whenever I am near. 

The sumacs are changing now and delighting us with the vibrant red leaves. I'll photograph them when they are in full show soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We are busy purchasing showers and bathroom fixtures. There is so much to think about as this seems never-ending. I think I need a hot cup of tea. :)

Enjoy what's left of summer.
hugs, Deb


  1. I bet you DO need a cup of tea! We're starting bedroom/bathroom renovations on Monday and I'm a little stressed about it.

  2. It is looking great! How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing how they do the breeze-way to connect the two buildings. The wrap around porch will be so nice - that style of porch always makes a home feel so warm and comfy! My grandmother had one and I loved it. She also had a porch swing that was the place of many great memories for us grandchildren! I'm so happy to hear Audrey is getting a little better! I hope her frequent vet visits will soon be over.

  3. Ah! Bless! Audrey!x Audrey!x I can hear
    you snoring over here, across the pond! :).
    Fast asleep, with one tooth open...Lovely!

    And, Yes. If I Had a Hammer...Trini Lopez..
    1963..Goodness! We used to sing it in Woodwork!
    It's amazing these days how quickly they put
    up houses..Hope they don't forget the roof Deb..! :).
    Onwards and Upwards...! :0).

  4. I can relate to your excitement as we built our final (hopefully) home three years ago. It's a process that is definitely worth documenting. I'm so happy Audrey is on the mend...I too hate when my kitties aren't up to snuff!

  5. Such a good sign when a cat begins to groom itself after an illness. Go Audrey, go! I love your loft and look forward to seeing its completion. Our Granny flat (for us these days, not our parents, LOL) is being started on Monday. You gave me the idea to post about it as it progresses. The cats will have to move about ten meters from the big house to the cottage when it is built. Now back to my cup of tea with you... Jo (PS did you see I'm in a shop all day now? Running a business is a whole new ball game but because I like to talk, it's right up my alley! xx

  6. Isn't it exciting to watch the house go up? And what fun it will be to decorate.
    Glad the little one is feeling better. We'll keep our fingers crossed for no more seizures.

  7. So much going on! Happy to hear Audrey is feeling better. I know what a relief that is. Fun to watch your home being built. A cup of tea sounds wonderful.
    Purrs and hugs .....

  8. Lovely to know Audrey is better and doing normal kitty things again!

    Wow, house is coming along - hope the rains stay away. The wrap-around porch will be fabulous Deb - can imagine you'll be sitting out there photographing Simon and the birds in such comfort when all is done.

    Happy weekend - Mary x

  9. I think your house is going to be beautiful! I love a breezeway!! Audrey looks so sweet sleeping there, and I think maybe I can hear her snoring.

  10. Good to see the house taking shape.
    WE purr for Audrey and hope her ordeal will end.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  11. So excited for you! Great to see some walls going up.

  12. Now I have an ear worm! Glad Audrey is feeling better, and you must be beside yourself with excitement on how fast your house is going up! Chickadees are cutie-pies.

  13. They are making an amazing amount of headway with all the rain you've had! Such good news about Audrey - I hope she is well and truly on the mend.

  14. It's starting to look like a house! I'm so excited for you -- how happy you'll be. And Audrey -- very good news indeed.

  15. How exciting, Deb! I remember those giddy days of building our home and how those weather forecasts take on such importance! I'm glad to hear that Audrey is coming around. x Karen

  16. Progress for both....your new home is going to be lovely...a breezeway reminds me of my grandparents home in Ohio. Glad to hear Audrey is doing precious!

  17. Your house going to look so beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you. Keep sharing:)

  18. Beautiful photos. Have a great day.

  19. Looking good Deb! When do you expect to be in?
    Glad that Audrey is doing better...
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  20. Catching up here . Looks like the house is coming along well and fast , I bet you will be glad when all is done and you can get your decorating on lol ! Lovely photos . The fall season is upon us and I am enjoying the change . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  21. After a cat has been sick, I love to see her eat and groom; those are very good signs indeed.

    As for the house, it really looks as if it's coming together swiftly! I'll bet you can't wait to move in.