Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Let's build that house and Audrey's update

Fall has arrived in Ontario but by the temperatures you would never believe it. It has been HOT!
Thank goodness our builders are easy going and try to make the best of this sticky hot weather. "Lots of water, please."

Here's just a few photos of the construction this week.

 More coming.

Audrey update 
It's all good news. :)
The infection in her ears has completely gone after two runs of antibiotics and ear-drops. The vet could not see any sign of the polyp today. It has either shrunk from the medication, and the remedies we had her holistic vet prescribe, or it has moved out of the ear canal. Her surgeon/vet said sometimes they will move down into the back of the throat but she did not see anything.
Audrey showed no sign of discomfort when she was examined today.
Her ear canal was clear and clean.

I can't describe the relief I felt.

We talked about the constant circling and she said the vertigo can take time to heal and I should start to see the circling lessen as time goes. I'm to keep her informed.
I mentioned to her that Audrey jumped up on a chair and then onto the table today. I also watched her jump to the second landing on her cat tree.
Dr. Nunn (surgeon) just smiled and said,
"it's all good."
So Audrey is happy to be home and she celebrated with her favorite dinner.  

Thank you again for all your good wishes and your heart-felt prayers for Audrey. I know, without a doubt, that healing hands found their way to her.
We love our little audacious one.
hugs, Deb


  1. That is the very best of news about Audrey! I have been so concerned but prayers have been answered it seems. I have a big smile on my face as I'm sure you do! Hugs!

  2. And WE love her too! Glad to hear she is healing so well, and will soon be Audacious to the core.She is so beautiful and is lucky to have a wonderful mom (you) caring so lovingly for her.
    You home is coming along very nicely, and I hope your weather gets a bit cooler and behaves long enough so the outer structure can be done ....Thanks for update.

  3. That is such good news! I'm sure a lot of Audrey's "getting well" is because of the care from you. It is so hard to give a kitty cat medicine. The house is looking like a house now. It is going to be so pretty. I'm so happy for you...and for Audrey.

  4. So good to hear this great news about Audrey!
    Will continue to keep good thoughts for her.
    Nice to see the house coming along too.
    Nancy and the kitties

  5. Oh, what great news about dear Audrey! I am absolutely certain that I know the feeling of relief you felt hearing what the vet said about the tumor being gone. Have been checking every day for an update so this is a relief here too. And, yup, that house is looking good! Nebraska ><>

  6. Whey~Hey! 3 Cheers! Goody! Goody!
    Your a Diamond Audrey!x Bless You!
    We'er ALL pleased to hear the great
    news Deb...And, hope you've stopped
    going round in circles to...! :).

    AND...Wow! The house is looking good to!

  7. I am so grateful to hear that Audrey is doing better! I'm sure all your loving care has helped her just as much as the medicine. The house looks great - before you know it you will be decorating it and the girls will be happily exploring every corner!

  8. Good news about Audrey =)
    Your house is really coming along!

  9. wonderful news! yay Audrey! glad to hear the infection & polyp have finally gone, gosh Deb, you must feel so relieved, sit & have a relaxing cuppa & bikkie! Tea fixes everything!
    just awesome, can't wait to see this house of yours finished!
    thanx for sharing

  10. Doing a happy dance. Gail

  11. That is such good news! Praying for continuing improvement and full recovery. Purrs to both you and Audrey.
    The house is looking good!

  12. We are so glad to hear the good news about Audrey's health. Yes, prayers are answered! I will continue to be praying for you all, too. Your house is really looking good, and I hope you will be in it before winter weather comes!

  13. What GREAT news about Audrey. :-)

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  14. So happy to read this about Audrey! I feel so relieved and cannot imagine how you feel. Your house is really coming along - so exciting!

  15. So glad to hear Audrey's doing so much better!

  16. Great to hear this good news about Audrey :) Your house is really coming along quickly :)

  17. Oh, this is the best news I've heard all week. Literally. The best! I'm so happy for all of you! A wonderful Audrey report -- jumping up and eating and acting a tad audacious again! All that and a roof! Woo hoo!

  18. That is such good news - on both fronts, house and Audrey! You must be so relieved!

  19. Good for Audrey! I know when I had it, vertigo took time to clear up.

    I imagine it's a lot cooler today around the property after that storm yesterday afternoon.

  20. The news on Audrey is fantastic. I've been holding my breath waiting for this outcome. Yea Audrey!! The house seems to be coming along at a good pace.

  21. Relief is a great feeling. It really does feel as if a weight has been taken away. Good for Audrey.

  22. So glad for the good report! House looks great too!

  23. I am so so happy. I ve been checking every day hoping to read what you have written now...

  24. What wonderful news about Audrey's checkup! So glad to see your update and hope the vertigo clears up completely.

  25. Oh I am so glad for all of Audrey's progress! I look forward to when the circling has stopped and she is really 100% again. Happy Dance here for all of you! You did "good", Deb, taking care of her.

    Your house is looking amazing. I can't wait to see it done and all ready for you to move into!

    More prayers for healing and for your home building, too.
    Lily - still doing the Happy Dance!

  26. Wonderful news of Audrey's recovery I am soo pleased for you all HURRAY ! looks like the house is coming along wonderfully , yes it was very hot but that heat has broken now and now it finally feels and smells like fall , I have stared my fall garden and yard clean up . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  27. So good to hear! Hugs to both of you!

  28. I said a thank you prayer for Ms Audrey. Poor Baby- How is Ms Annie doing? We are having a "spritz" of cool weather here. I have a pecan tree in my backyard and I'm having to "fight" the squirrels for the HARVEST!!! So far, they are winning :-)

  29. So relieved to hear that Audrey is on the mend. Our Rosie had problems (when we got her) with yeast in her ears and after a bold treatment last year from our wonderful Vet, it finally cleared up and she's so happy...although Clara continues to give her grief! They are just like our children and we worry so when things are out of whack. I hope you're feeling better now that it's cleared up and can focus on that beautiful home you're building. Happy Fall, my friend, XOXO

  30. Thrilled and relieved and offering thanks for prayers answered. Audrey is probably the happiest of us all.
    Now she's getting back to normal, all of you can enjoy a beautiful autumn worry free. Well, except your new home construction that is.....

  31. Wonderful news on both fronts. Glad Audrey is feeling better & that her health is well & truly on to recovery. The house is also coming along (as planned). Yeah.