Saturday, September 16, 2017

Around and about the mouse-house

We have had some very hot summer-like days this past week. I think we are now getting our summer as it was too wet from June right through August. This is really a treat right now as there is always a nice breeze that comes with the warm weather.

Audrey is doing much the same; no real change yet. She has meds to finish and another vet visit ahead and I can then give you an update on how she is doing. She really needs me right now and she is top priority. I don't go far. 
Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming. xo

I have had a web-cam put on the maple today, right next to the feeders, as I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a cat coming in the wee hours of the  night to eat.
There is a scent there in the morning and I recognize it as cat spray. I have always left crusts, a little dry cat food and apples out for a family of raccoons that found the mouse-house last winter. I never stopped feeding them even when spring came. Now I wonder what else comes around hoping to find a bite to eat. The mystery should soon be solved. 
At five p.m. the Mourning Doves arrive. We have about a dozen that come to eat each evening. They wait patiently on a wire for me to fill their platform feeder and sprinkle a bit of seed on the grass. They do prefer to eat off the ground.
They are a beautiful bird.

Poor Annie spent much of the day waiting at the window for the builders to come.
She doesn't understand that people need time off so I had to open a fresh bag of freeze-dried chicken strips just to make her happy and lure her away from her perch. :) 
She's such a sassy cat. =^..^=

Enjoy your evening.

hugs, Deb


  1. More prayers being said for Audrey and you, too.

    Isn't that Annie cute waiting for her workers to show up!


  2. I can understand your concern over Audrey. When they have been sick, we scrutinise every characteristic for a relapse or a recovery. We watch everything. I hope Audrey gives you nothing but good to see.

  3. We have a lot of Mourning Doves here and I just love them - my favorite bird. It is so sweet how a couple will stay together for life. Annie looks so cute in the window. Cats are creatures of habit and she is obviously in the habit of having her work men come each day! Audrey is in my prayers. Hopefully you will see a positive turn soon.

  4. oooooO! All getting a bit technical over
    there Deb...a web~cam...Probably just
    David, sneaking about...! :).

    Ah! And Annie..Bless! I think a window is
    any pussy~cats favourite much
    going on out there! :).

    And, yes, Audrey!x is in everyone's thoughts
    and prayers...BIG (((HUGS))) and XXX's for
    the lovely young Audrey!x Bless!x

  5. I can't wait to see what the game cam discovers! Oh Audrey. Be well❤️

  6. I think it will be fun to see just who is coming to those feeders! I'm sending Audrey more hugs and purrs and to you also!

  7. Poor Annie having to have chicken strips instead of builders for a treat! My heart bleeds for her!

    Audrey -- I think of her every day. Fingers are crossed that she will pick up soon and if by any bad means she can't that there is another treatment to try. Poor sweet Audacious Audrey. I hate to think of her sick.

    Sending hugs. I think you need them as much as she does.

  8. Deb, we also have a web cam that has night vision and enjoy watching what happens in our yard during the wee hours. And now that we also have a video system that records activity in front and back, we watch the ferals and their activity from 4 points. It's very enlightening. Yesterday we watched a wasp try to make it's nest inside the video camera. DH finally had to go out and shoo it away.
    It will be interesting to see what is visiting in your yard at night...
    And again glad to hear that Audrey is holding her own and is getting such wonderful undivided attention and care.

  9. Fascinating that Annie likes the builders. Sort of reminds me of dear Sierra and her postman.
    Our prayers remain with Audrey. Hopefully time will heal.

  10. Awww Deb, I continue to pray for Audrey's healing. Annie is a strict foreman, for sure!

  11. I hope Audrey responds well to the meds.

  12. I just hate to think that our funny little Audrey is sick. I hope and pray she gets well very soon. Web-cams can be fun, and there's no telling what you will see. Poppy had one on a tree near his deer stand last winter. As he went to his spot to hunt one day, he noticed the camera had been torn down and was lying on the ground. He brought the camera and card home. The pictures were three close-ups of a black bear's face and eyes and a paw. We had no idea there were bears around here. That Annie is so cute waiting for the builders to arrive. Cats are smart, aren't they!

  13. Audrey hugs being sent... and yet more prayers.

  14. Eau de mancat, eh? Once one smells it, you can never forget! Still praying for Audrey.

  15. Can't wait to see what the web cam reveals.