Saturday, September 3, 2016

A birthday and those cooler mornings...

We are out in the garden most mornings, picking what is needed for the day. The weather is beautiful; cool and sunny.
The peppers seem to have a lot of new blossoms as do the beans. We may have produce well into the fall this year. We are to have a long and warm autumn which will be really nice, I'm sure.
That's some of my family; my siblings and Joe's partner, Joyce. We had a fun morning celebrating the retired-guy's birthday and filling bags with veggies for their weekend meals. It's always good to get together. Our mom passed away nineteen years ago and since then we do our best to keep the get-togethers and special celebrations an important part of the calendar. We live close so we can do that. :)
Annie enjoyed their company and even Audrey rose from the dead to say "hello" today. But she soon found her hidey-hole to be the preferred spot for the rest of the day. Enough of these humans.

There is a little more celebrating on the agenda today. Lunch out and a bit of an outing to a favorite little town to see some boats come in. That's what the birthday boy requested.
Retired-guy and his grand-dog, Forrest.

I'll send you over now to a beautiful blog and wish you all a fun and happy weekend. It's a long one for us.

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Birthday to the retired guy & Happy Birthday to Meow Meow ME !
    Must be really good day =^x^=

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! He's a keeper, isn't he? Love how you share your garden, too. My pepper plant has yet to produce but now has lots of blossoms! haha. Maybe it was just too hot until now.

    Big smile here as I got to the end of your post. You're so sweet. :)

  3. Happy birthday to the retired guy!

    The bolt hole will come in very handy for Audrey on cool mornings.

  4. Happy Birthday to the retired guy . Lovely photos . Nice to have your family close to be able to get together so often. The mornings and evenings here have been so lovely and cool and the days have been warm and sunny with cool breezes to soo nice to have the humidity gone . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  5. Happy Birthday to the Retired Guy! Enjoy your outing - and another year, too!

    I am thrilled to hear you may have a mild autumn. I hope it is glorious and lasts for weeks!


  6. Many more happy birthdays dear Mr. Retired Guy!!!

    Lovely post Deb and guess what, neighbors kitty Nala jumped into my lap today, purring, and actually cuddled with me!!! I think she's over her shyness - now I get 5 more days with her and hopefully more snuggles!

    Mary -

  7. Happy Birthday to the Retired Guy!
    hope he enjoyed his day
    ohhh Audrey, you're just so cute!
    thanx for sharing

  8. Happy Birthday, Retired Guy!

    What lovely mornings we are having -- I love the cool morning, warm day. May it last!

  9. Belated birthday wishes to the retired guy, what a beautiful day he shared.

  10. From the pics it looks like you all had a wonderful day for both the garden gathering and the birthday! And always nice to have family around to help you celebrate.

  11. A happy birthday to the retired guy. And a family reunion where everyone is happy! You're doing something right!