Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A very important day.

5 is the number today. 
                 "Happy Birthday to you." 
Our audacious one is celebrating her birthday. That's her to the right.
Five years ago, she was born, along with her two siblings, to a lonely, skinny and neglected pastel tortoiseshell who wasn't more than a kitten herself. The momma cat, known now as Annie, was found at the animal shelter nursing her day old kittens but needing so much care herself. 
I brought the little family home and they started their new life in our spare bedroom.

How can that be five years ago already? But it is.

So "Happy Birthday, Audrey." We love you so much and to celebrate we were off for a car ride, which she loves, by the way, to purchase a bag of her favorite treats, a new toy and maybe a coffee and a doughnut for the humans. What? We're celebrating. ;-)

"Help, I've been incarcerated."

Ah, but now you can join us as we celebrate your big day.
 "What'll it be, Audrey?"
2 coffees, 2 doughnuts and 1 bird breakfast wrap?

"Have I got that right?"

"Hold the pickle...hold the pickle."
"Ya, hold the wrap, too, and add a large mouse."

"'s your day. :)"

Believe it, she really enjoyed her outing. She loves the car.

"Here's to many more, love."

hugs, Deb


  1. We have been lucky to watch her for 5 years on your blog. She makes me smile and laugh, what a great cat! Happy Birthday Audrey!!

  2. Happy, happy Birthday, Audrey, the Audacious One! Did you score that big mouse? Patty O'Malley would share his with you!

  3. Five years already?!!! Wow! I remember when you first brought this precious family home. Happy Birthday, Audacious One! Purrs and Hugs!

  4. Clara says, "Happy Birthday" sister from another mother! Enjoy your special day, XOXO

  5. Happy birthday to Audrey! Oh, what lovely moments you have given us in those five years!

  6. Five years already! You're in the prime of your life, Audrey. Better get in some lazing around and snoozing to celebrate.

  7. Ah! Bless! Audrey!x Audrey!x
    Your a Diamond..a Princess...NO! A QUEEN! :).
    A BIG bird wrap..Yes! Where are those turkeys!!!
    HeHe! Ah! I'm lost for words...You look lovely!
    Have a wonderful, purrrrfect burfday! =(^..^)=
    All together now....
    "Happy burfday to you....Happy burfday to you,
    BIG birdy wraps for you, happy burfday dear
    Audrey!x Happy burfday to you....!!! Blesss! :).
    Three cheers....Hip~Hip~Meow! Hip~Hip~Meow!

  8. LOL...oh Deb...oh Audrey...happy birthdy sweet girl! You are a saucy little minx! Hugs!

  9. She is such a lovely young girl! I can't believe she enjoys a car ride ~ mine sound as if there are sirens in the car. I bet she didn't mind what she ordered, as long as she got to spend the day with you!

  10. Having Annie and Audrey to keep forever is surely worth any trouble they could every be!
    We have a cat--Willis--who likes to ride; unfortunately they aren't usually planned outings and he has to be removed from our vehicle or that of someone visiting.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Audrey ! Lovely photos .Our Harley used to love going on car rides , not so much now as Miggs takes over lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. Happy birthday Audrey!! So glad I didn't miss this post. Sounds like you had a really special birthday. I'm sure glad such a nice family brought you all home. Audrey, I knew we had a special connection...tomorrow is my birthday...that means we're both Virgos. :)

  13. Happy Birthday, silly kitty! Thanks for all the laughs you give to all of us with your quirky personality. Warms my heart to know that you and your mama got such a great home to grow old in. Nebraska ><>

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday Audrey and Happy Gotcha Day to Annie in day or so. I am so glad you both landed where you did. Wouldn't Audrey look cute in Motoring Goggles? :)
    I had no idea AA like car rides? Amazing girl!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday to dear sweet Audrey. Cant believe she loves riding in the car ... my lot are traumatised at the very thought of it!!! Lovely post Deb.

  16. Happy Birthday, Audrey!!!
    How cool that the Audacious One gets to go OUT on her special day. A ride in the car, treats and toys! You sure know how to celebrate.
    Hope you have many more fun birthdays.

  17. And wishes for many more

  18. Happy Birthday dear Audrey! Many happy returns of the day. What a fun day for you! We never knew you liked car rides! You never fail to fascinate us.
    Hugs and kisses for your dear Mum Annie, too, for her courage in difficult circumstances and dedication to her little family. Prayers of thanks for you all.

  19. What a sweet little face! Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday Audrey! Hope you had plenty of time today to spend under your blanket...

  21. Happy Birthday to her! It's fun that you know her exact birth day. I know the month of most of ours but not the day!

  22. ohhh dear! i missed your special day! :((
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Audrey! hope you had a wonderful day out!

    thanx for sharing

  23. Happy Belated Birthday, sweet girl! So cute that she loves car rides! I had a calico cat that loved car rides, too - my first cat. I've never heard of another until now! Hope her day was fun. xx Karen

  24. Happy, happy birthday, sweet little darling Audrey!!!!

  25. .. and not to forget Mother Annie, who gave birth to such wonderful kitties.

  26. Happy birthday, little audacious one! Good job, Annie!

  27. Happy birthday beautiful Audrey from your Charleston fans! We love ya! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW

  28. Hi Very cute cat , happy happy birthday to your cat thanks