Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Around the mouse-house today

is my favorite time of year.

Oh, I know what's comin' but I am a Canadian so I should be able to survive. No guarantees, though.

For now, I will enjoy the beauty of our maples, the change in colour and texture of our perennials and the gift of the resident birds preparing for the new season and the colder weather to come.
While out filling feeders this morning, I enjoyed the visuals and the sound of the geese flying high in the sky as they head south.
Why, even Simon popped out of his hidey-hole as they flew over the trees next to the old white pump.

"What is all that racket?"

But he soon didn't care.
"Oh, ok then."

It's fun to capture the beauty of the morning.

And look at today's haul from the garden.
Beans will be the side dish with dinner tonight.

I moved my garden kitty to the front today.
Our whisker-less greeter.

I wish each and every one of you could drop by to sit in an adirondack chair and share tea and muffins :)

With any luck,  you would meet Simon or his lady friend because  both are nosy little posies and would come by for a visit.
(lady friend)
I've named her Simone.

And this guy would be all over you.
David...King of the wild frontier

Enjoy your evening.
hugs, Deb


  1. Simon and Simone are adorable! And that bell pepper is beautiful! Enjoy your fall weather... winter will soon be upon us. We had a *hint* of Fall here this past week - a few days in the 60's. It was great.

  2. I would love nothing more than to come and visit!! But since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I guess I have to be content to enjoy your blog...which I immensely do!

  3. Awesome haul of veggies and lovely photos . I like this time of year to with all the promise of colours from the trees and snuggling up by a fire and home made soups and stews and comfort goodies and lots of cups of tea , hey we are Canadian and unlike what most who aren't think we live in igloos and are all used to the cold as a matter of fact Florida seems to have more Canadians in then Americans during the colder months lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend ! Rain from now till next Monday for us here they say .

  4. Utter bliss! We wish we could say we'll be right over. Give David a big smooch from us.

  5. I don't know of any place I had rather visit...if only that were possible. Simone is adorable just like Simon. You have your own little Brambly Hedge. The Mums are beautiful.

  6. Loved this post! Simon and Simone are adorable, David too. Wish I could come for tea there for absolute sure! Would enjoy meeting you SO much and getting to spend time with Annie and Audrey. That would be a dream come true! Warm thoughts from Nebraska ><>

  7. ohhh i wish i could pop over for tea & muffins! there's a huge expanse of water between us, 't'would be a very long swim lol.
    Simon & Simone, just lovely, so glad he has decided to stay.
    give that awesome wild one, David some cuddles for me too & of cos share a few with Audrey & Annie!
    we are supposed to be having spring weather here, so far i think we've had 2 days the rest have been cool & rainy. saves on water at least.
    have a great weekend
    thanx for sharing

  8. Great pictures today! David kitty is so gorgeous and looks so soft snd snuggly. Simon is just the sweetest little thing! Love that picture of him looking for the geese! His little girlfriend is so pretty--- wonder if they will bevome a family? Wow your garden did so well--- hope we have better luck next summer with ours

  9. My green Peppers never seem to turn red. Your David is so much like our Freddie, and as the Mice are all trying to find somewhere warm to spend the upcoming Winter, we need him.

  10. Ah! Look! Simon and Simone...!xx
    Perhaps one day Deb, you'll get a photo
    of them together! Perhaps their trying
    to keep their relationship a secret! :).

    And David..He certainly looks the business!
    That face that says..'out the way..l'm coming
    through'. :0). Bless!

  11. Would love to visit but the Atlantic gets in the way, damn.
    Your little animal friends are all very tame and nosy, just love them all, also the two A's. I lived in Haworth for a long time, (home of the Brontes) and I think you would like to visit the Parsonage where they wrote some of their superb literature. Haworth has not changed much over the years, still the little old houses. We moved because my husband is not well and it is very hilly there, but we all loved living there. There is room in my little cottage for you to come and have some home made scones or cake anytime you are over here. Love Andie xxx

  12. Gosh, I would love to sit in your garden chairs! David can crawl all over me, then I must visit with Audrey and Annie.

  13. Oh yes a cup of tea & a visit with Dave ... just to sit & watch the birds come & go with a pop in from Simon & Simone; a perfect Thursday afternoon.

  14. I can just feel fall in this post and it makes me smile. David is on the prowl -- tell Simon to beware!

  15. Autumn is such a wonderful season, especially in the country - everything is better in the country. I love the interaction with the animals that you have there.

  16. OMG - Simon now has Simone to spend the cold Winter with - how absolutely adorable is that!

    Love your beans and peppers! I re-stocked my 'frig and cabinets today at
    Costco and Trader Joe's - nothing here to eat when we arrived home from Africa! Such an awesome trip - the cats were so beautiful and we saw so many!

    Hugs - Mary

  17. Simon, Simone and Davey....such sweet critters!

  18. WE are just starting to get some Fall temps here. I love this time of year.

  19. What a beautiful and tranquil place you have! We can just imagine how peaceful sitting sipping tea would be while looking at your garden and the changing leaves, and then, having Simon and his Mrs come watch with us.

  20. I would love to visit your beautiful garden and see all your little friends drop by! So sweet that Simon has a girlfriend....soon maybe the family will grow:) Home-grown beans sound delicious. Wishing you a happy weekend. x Karen

  21. I love this adorable post..and Simon is cute

  22. Some like autumn, I hate that season, I love spring, lol ! The little squirrel is too cute and David the King has the same attitude like my King Arthur !