Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fall is moving in.

Fall is moving in fast and nowhere do you see it more than in the country. The sumacs at the mouse-house are already changing colour, the wild flowers of fall are here and the critters are acting a little frantic. 

If there was a party in there I didn't hear a thing.
We also notice many birds have left and more of those that stay the winter are here stay, I expect.

I have been feeding the birds all spring and summer to keep them around and will up the ante in a month or two as the weather changes. Suet will be put out for them to fatten their little bodies up.

But for now, I continue to feed black sunflower seed and niger seed for the residents. I also put fruit out as there is always some to spare with just the two of us at the mouse-house. We never seem to get through a bag of grapes, especially, without a few that look more like raisons at the bottom. I always throw in some plump ones, too. Apples are a big hit and so are blueberries. I tried adding fruit to Audrey's dinner but she threatened to call the OSPCA on me.

The birds love their feast of grapes and apple pieces that I leave in their favorite feeder; especially the blue-jays. Apparently, this is a great way to encourage different birds to stop by for a snack that may not be seen often at your feeders. That's always a treat for me. :)

We had a visitor this morning...again. The garage door was opened only to find this guy waiting for his cuddles. He just fell over on the stones as soon as he saw us.

                       DAVID - King of the wild frontier

It looks like we now have a garage cat; one that will keep the retired-guy company as he putters in there.
It's love, I tell ya.
I know he misses our little tabby, Sierra, and we welcome David with open arms.
Wishing you all a happy weekend.
It's another family birthday this weekend. Party, party. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Lots of fall behavior happening here at the Corner too. Hard to believe we will be putting things to bed soon. Certainly hope we can get together before the snow flies --- YIKESY... Enjoy your weekend

  2. Hi there Deb. I still can't send you messages but I did receive your 2 and Gary's 1 message. Will look into this. Darling picture of David and Gary.

    Lana D

  3. I never thought to use my leftover grapes for the birds...thank you for an excellent idea! Only the best men are cat lovers...I have one here as well! :)

  4. I too never thought of grapes for the birds, but have some right now I will put out!! Nice to see David with the retired guy! Hugs!

  5. It certainly feels like fall this morning compared to yesterday, after the storm that went through in the night. The birds are spoiled!

  6. David probably wouldn't mind being fed at both his house and yours!

  7. I want sweater weather now =)
    Sweet David. What a cutie pie.

  8. There is definitely a sharpness in the air, even though it's only mid-September. I don't mind that, though the animals may be feeling it's time to fatten up a bit. Come to think of it, I feel that way, too.

  9. his home away from ...
    truly gorgeous
    i recently lost the stray i was feeding, been coming here for almost 2yrs, then about a month & a bit ago he just stopped coming (sob) i think something happened to him, as he never missed his dinner, was so sad & miss him terribly.
    thanx for sharing

  10. So, did Audrey call OSPCA or she start loving the fruits? That was fun!