Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hairy help & stocking up.

It's been on again off again rain all weekend.
That gave me time to clean cupboards, with much help, I might add.

"Hey, you missed a spot."

                   "What am I thinking; I could be napping."

I so appreciate their help.

All dusted up and ready for company :)

I found this recipe and was more attracted to the photo than the recipe itself.
It does look like a good cookie, though.
Notice they are referred to as 'little cakes'.

I've been watching the numbers of Mourning Dove increase at the mouse-house over the last few days. I guess they remember that this is where they were safe and fed all last fall and winter. Perhaps some from last year are bringing their young here. It is so good to see them again and welcome the new ones as they rank right up with the chickadee as a favorite of mine.
I just bought one hundred pounds of seed this week. We were given a heads-up where there is very good and reasonably-priced seed grown right on the owner's farm in the North Gower area. It is a feed and seed business and the mix is fabulous. I hope my birds really love it. To attract even more birds the seed is sprayed with peanut oil. It sells for .50 a pound. And to add to the positives, the drive up there is so nice; all well-kept farms, barns and farm land.

Audrey's thinkin'... "More birds...more chance for a bird burger."

"What do ya say, Deb?"
She loves helping me fill the feeders in the garage, too. 
"That'll have to do, Missy."

hugs, Deb


  1. Cute cat! Love your cup and saucer collection ♥

  2. Cupboards and "little cakes" both look good! And love all that help you're getting!

  3. That sounds like wonderful seed! And how nice to have it all there in bulk and ready to go!

    Your cabinet looks wonderful...what a fun thing to change up with all of your pretties!

  4. Thank you for the recipe...hubby is Scottish and loves anything with currants! I made an Apple~Currant pie today for him. Isn't it nice to have help; mine think so, XOXO

  5. Your blue/white dishes look so pretty in your old fashioned cupboard. What a pretty sight!

  6. Ah! Now that's what l call..'Cupboard Love'. :).
    Butter my buns and call me biscuit...HeHe! Love it!

    Must say..I love cake, and although l cook, l never
    bake cake..Bread..But never cakes! So, l get a lot
    baked for me!

    Audrey seems to like the camera now...well 5yrs old
    and ALL grown up....Bless!x
    She's a proper poser...HeHe! And, l should know! :0).

  7. You got purrfect helper! Kitties are always so helpful :-) Your cupboards look beautiful!
    I love chickadees, too. They are so little and cute!

  8. The cat is very cute, curious and eager to help! You have a very beautiful collection of cups, congratulations!

  9. Nicely done, and the kitties are good help. I see you've managed to capture Audrey without the glare!

  10. Imperials... That stirs a memory... I think my mum had a recipe for those, but I don't think she ever made them. They sound very nice. Perfect little treats with tea.

  11. Bird burger - what a laugh out loud moment. Those Imperials look so tasty. Your cupboards look so tidy, must have been the help you received, the same sort of help I am receiving right now as I blog read/comment

  12. Lizzie'd like a bird burger, too! Big grin! Now, remember, if you find a gray hair in the next cuppa tea, blame Audrey!

  13. Always nice to have some help with the housework! Love the pretty results and the fun butter knife! Such a good price for the seed. It does get pricey to feed the birds these days, but so worth it. My naughty Ling-Ling has to wear a bell collar to keep her from having birdie burger:) but Maggie prefers mouse. Love your blue and white china and the recipe does sound tasty! xx

  14. Yes we to got 100lbs of seed as it was on sale at our feed mill down here to so the birds are stocked up on seed now lol ! Lovely dishes . Our fall birds are beginning arrive and now we are down to one hummer as the others have taken off so sad to see them go but nice to see the others arrive back to us . We had a lot of rain all day Saturday then sunshine since and our humidity is back to but not for long they say it will be cooling down from now on , Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  15. Now you reminded me what I have to do too ! My wardrobe looks like a mess, but Arthur doesn't mind, lol !

  16. I was enjoying reading and catching up last night when Poppy decided he was tired and going to bed, so I didn't get to leave a comment. I love your nice clean cupboard. You have such pretty dishes. The little cakes look perfect! You must be a good cook.