Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Getting to know them.

After feeding the birds on our property for two years now, I am beginning to see the pattern of their day. Mornings are always a little frantic before the feeders are filled so that is the best time to hopefully get a chickadee or two to forget their fear and come that much closer for a tasty seed. I'm now finding that even as I walk around under the sumacs these little sweeties will sometimes fly right by my shoulder. You can hear the *swoosh* as they flit by. And if I sit at the table under the shady sumacs they will sit above me and watch with great interest. I guess I'm as interesting to them as they are to me.

"So you're telling me that they fly right into your hand and I STILL don't get one for lunch?"

Later in the morning it will be quiet as they rest in the trees. By early afternoon they are out again bathing in the birdbaths and bickering with the nuthatch, blue-jays and chipmunks over the best spot on the favored feeder. 

By dinner-time, all is quiet again under the sumacs.
At five o'clock each evening, the mourning doves arrive for food and water near the old pump.  I watch them from the kitchen window and am always amazed at the accuracy of their timing.
Then after dinner the crows fly in to clean up everything that is left in the feeders and has fallen to the ground below.
Those comical black bandits.

I added a new finch feeder for the fall and the chickadees are loving it. 
And in case you are wondering, Simon is doing fine and jam-packing his pantry with seeds and nuts for the winter ahead.
He often sits right at his front door to say "Howdy!"

The  latest addition to the woodlot; an arbor.

I'm looking forward to planting flowering vines to cover this pretty addition.

I hope you all had a fun long-weekend. 

Here's one of my chickadees.

hugs, Deb


  1. Getting to know them...Reminds me of that song
    from The King and I...But l Think that's Getting
    To Know You...! :).

    HeHe! That Simon is a diamond...What a little hero!
    And, packing his pantry! Bless him!x

    And, a lovely little that Audrey hiding
    behind that branch...!!! :). Oh! That look...That
    sank a thousand ships...! :0).

  2. I was indeed wondering about Simon. I'm glad he is doing well. That other chipmunk looks like he has the mumps.

  3. Love your birdie photos! Audrey, you are a sassy one...and so adorable!

  4. Thank you for your kind words about G.T.'s crossing over. He is truly missed here at Forty Paws.

  5. Such cuties! Nice photos ♥

  6. What a nice arbor!
    And as ever nice stories and adorable photos.
    And a beautiful you!


  7. Is that Simon in the bucket? Cute pic!

  8. Love the video of the chickadee landing in your hand, Deb. What a thrill that must be--well, for both you and the birdie!!
    Audrey, keep hoping.
    Nebraska ><>

  9. I was just wondering about sweet Simon - so glad he is well! And did he mate with that pretty chipper you had picked out for him??? :)

  10. what a lovely arbor! you should plant something that will help feed your birds too, flowering vines are always nice
    lovely video!
    thanx for sharing

  11. The little chippie in the metal pail is soooo adorable! Squeeeeee! Is it Simon? Great photo, Deb.

    1. It's one of the other twelve that run around at the mouse-house. :)

  12. Deb, I am so glad I didn't miss this post! The little chickadee eating from your hand is amazing! Amazing!! And whoever that is in the little pail, well that's the cutest thing ever...well, I forgot about Audrey. Of course she made me laugh with that comment of her's. I love the new arbor!

  13. You certainly have settled into the country life quite nicely Deb...
    Very happy for you...
    You and your Chick-a-dee-dee-dees!
    It is like an oven here...over 40 degrees...had a swim with she is watching a show...this is our last regular Wednesday with her...JK tomorrow!
    And...I did have a lovely long weekend...thanks!
    I hope to get a post in tonight or tomorrow...
    When does the construction start again?
    Linda :o)