Monday, September 26, 2016

This & That

How on earth do the weekends go by so fast?
We enjoyed a birthday party for Bradley, who happens to love The Hulk and who has just turned four.
How on earth can he be four already? And, he started school this year. Whew...this life is on high speed these days.
I like him better like this. :)
                                            Our handsome little grandittle.

The morning brought lots of birds to our feeders. They seem to love the one outside the garage window which is the one the cats watch the most.

And now that Fall is here, the hummingbird feeder was taken down this morning. I saw many over the summer but have not seen one for weeks now. What I do see and hear now are the geese up above heading south. That's a sure sign of Fall. I hope they make it safely.

I love the cooler mornings now.
I cleaned up some of the gardens
and finally headed out for my walk.
I headed down our road and said
"hi" to our neighbour cows.
"Babies." :)
The maples are changing

and I never come home without a feather

for Miss Stink-eye.

                                       "Oh, Audrey"

hugs, Deb


  1. HI Deb....
    It sure feels like Fall...suddenly!
    Love your post on your Grandmas cupboard...such wonderful memories...
    Aren't these wee ones just growing way too fast! Slow down!
    He is a doll....Happy Birthday!
    Linda :o)

  2. I love how pretty it is! Aw! Your kitty is cute, cute, cute!
    Birds, too!

  3. Hi, Deb--yes, I sure agree with Linda that Bradley is a doll! All of your "grandittles" are dolls though! Just getting over a major abdominal infection here so am catching up with you. Your blue dishes are sure pretty. I have some too. Thanks for perking me up. Hubby here helped too. Fall is here in Nebraska too. Love it.

  4. Bradley is such a handsome boy! That Audrey again. How do you keep from laughing at her when she gives you those looks?

  5. Love seeing your little grandson, Deb! He's such a cutie-pie! Oh, they grow so fast......Nice to come along on your walk and see the first signs of fall. Audrey could hypnotize with those amazing eyes! xx Karen

  6. Your grandson sure is a little charmer! You always take such great bird pictures. I like that you bring a feather home for Audrey. Does she play with them or just admire them? -Jenn

  7. Happy birthday to Bradley! He is adorable. Kids grow so fast, aren't they? :-) I just saw hummingbird the other day. But it's going to be cooler here this week..maybe he'll find somewhere warmer :-)Have a great day!

  8. What a cute birthday boy! 4 is such a fun age!
    We're cooler this week, too! The boys are wearing jackets to leave in the morning. I don't think the rest of my tomatoes will turn red but we'll see!

  9. Bradley is such a beautiful child, bless him. Does he look like his dad at that age?

    1. A little, Kari. And like his mom's father, too.

  10. Lovely photos . The birds like the feeder best near the cats window cause they know kitties cant get them kind of a tease the birdies have going on lol ! WOW 4 already my they grow fast what a cutie pie . Our leaves a re slowing changing here to . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  11. Well, I know that some of your geese made it to Texas!! Last evening we were outside cleaning up some fallen limbs, and a flock went over chit-chatting about their trip. I imagine some of them were lobbying to spend the night on our son's big pond!!