Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Around the mouse-house today.

We did have a snow storm, as predicted, but not one that left much of an impression.
It was kind of a wimpy one.
But, no complaints here as I have had it up to my eyebrows with winter.
And so have these guys.
I caught this fella taking shelter during the worst of the storm.

Some birds are camouflaged well here.
Mourning Dove (left) and two Starlings.

Cardinal with sunflower seed.

I saw more tracks at the feeders and expect now that it is
a local bandit.
No big surprise there.
We have lots of them around.
Carry on...

The trees in our area are showing some damage
from the recent snow storms and ice.
This was taken along the road where I walk daily. was so damp and cold today.

Audrey had the right idea to look at the outdoors from her favorite perch

as there is no lack of entertainment at the mouse-house 
for a house-bound
pampered cat.

A New Year's Resolution...
Drink a smoothie a day filled with blueberries, banana, apple, pineapple, mango, carrot, greek yogurt, organic honey & flax.
Now if we can just stick to it. :-b

Stay warm
Stay healthy
hugs, Deb


  1. I know you must be tired of cold weather and snow, but is sure is pretty there. Your bird pictures are just beautiful! I love how the trees and snow look there where you are standing and that's a great picture of you. That smoothie sounds good, and healthy. I'm probably the only person on earth who can't make a good smoothie. My daughters say, mom, just throw in some yogurt, some fruit and even some kale...but I've never made one that was fit to drink.?

  2. I shiver just looking at your photos. Keep yourselves warm .

  3. Hi Deb! The cardinal is so pretty!
    Stay warm! The mouse house is so cozy!

  4. Beautiful photo of the cardinal in the trees. We have in this part of Ontario been for weeks living in dreary dull damp weather & all the snow gone. We seem to be living in some kind of between weather world, neither winter nor spring.

  5. I always find the worst about eating healthy is the work involved in preparation. (I'm not a big-time cook). And of course the prepared foods are much more expensive than the ones you prepare yourself. Committing to eating healthy is, I find, easy. Committing to making healthy foods to eat is tougher.

    And yes, Audrey is quite correct. Winter is wonderful - when you are snug and warm inside!

  6. Audrey obviously loves the high ground!

  7. Obviously you have your hubby doing the smoothy work! Nice!

  8. Lucky you, having a Retired Guy to make the smoothies!
    Linda :o)

  9. Love those cardinals -- great pic at the feeder. The smoothies sound WONDERFUL!