Sunday, January 8, 2017

Simple Sunday

The snow at the door of  the little white bird house has been 
removed so as to offer a place out of the cold wind for any bird that needs refuge.
Thanks, Rian. ;-) from for reminding me to keep as many bird houses open for them as possible in the winter.
I do have five other bird houses that are available to our wintering birds that do not get covered with snow.
But, this was a favorite so now I have six. :)

Today Audrey and I baked 3 dozen cookies
(chocolate chip pecan)
 while Annie baked in a sun-puddle.

They both had a long list of things to do today...
play with mousies
eat whenever the opportunity presented itself
snack on cat-nip
solve this bird-tasting issue

And someone got her nails trimmed and a full grooming this afternoon.
She looks beeeeautiful.
I always say a prayer before I start to clip her nails. :-[

"Can I eat you?"

I got my walk in and tidied up the mouse-house.
Here is my favorite photo I took at our feeders early this morning.
This female cardinal is a regular here.
Yes, it was snowing again.

It's now dark and -17C.
Where did the day go?

     Stay warm.

hugs, Deb


  1. Where did you get the crazy cat lady dish? I definitely need one.

  2. The cookies look very tasty. They remind me of molasses cookies, big thick ones, just that size and shape. I haven't them in a long time. Since I can't bake, I'd have to do what Annie did...

  3. Great pics. Love the snow on the birdhouse and the cardinals in the background.

  4. That photo of the mama cardinal at the feeder is almost exactly my view earlier today! The birds seemed extra grateful for the seed and suet this morning as it's snowy and very cold.

    Your cookies look yummy!

  5. Everything looks so warm and cozy and home-baked cookies are the perfect treat for a cold and snowy day!

  6. Oh I could use a cookie or two right now. We have a cat rescue locally (& to support their fund raising) we have come & trim the fur girls' nails every 5 weeks - the rescue gets cash, I get scratch free hands & the fur girls get treats - a winning situation. Now about those cookies ...

  7. Annie's little bed in the sun looks warm and cozy. I'm sure Audrey was a big help in the kitchen while Annie was asleep. That is such a pretty picture of the female Cardinal, and I love your kitchen window. You have the sweetest little mouse house I've ever seen!

  8. Beautiful! I did somehow to clean the snow on one of my window sill for the same reason! A couple of birds love to sit there!

  9. I imagine birds like getting into those houses this time of year for some dry, sheltered conditions.

  10. I like your pretty kitchen sink area! You'll be happy to know that little Tom Kitten, aka Tommy, had an uneventful trip to the vet and they remarked at how quickly after being picked up he starts purring - loudly! I had no idea I was this much of a crazy cat lady too. LOL xoxo

  11. Love your photos of your yard...and the birds!

  12. Great cardinal photo -- and I love the lights in your kitchen. Mine will be staying there, for sure!

    I think I need to bake now.

  13. 3 dozen home baked cookies..a walk and a Mouse House cleaning...busy are your days in Winter Deb! Love the picture of your window at cozy! Kiss those precious kitties for me!

  14. Your window is beautiful!!!!!!
    Please share any hint for clipping an obnoxious cat's claws!! Princess Posie is pretty agreeable (if there are enough treats around) to everything except manicures. I hate to hurt her feelings too bad, but her TALONS get really sharp and my skin is old and fragile :^(
    Thanks for any assistance, and blessings to you and your menagerie.