Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter doldrums

It's a dark and rainy day today.

(my oldest grandittle at two sipping pretend tea. :)

"There are no cat-treats in this cupboard. " :-(

If you are knee-deep in snow, I expect you, too, are craving the look of flowers.
I picked this little violet up to add to my group that refuse to bloom for me right now.

I'll give her a good home and I need this today.
I'm done with winter.

As I'm sure these three ladies are, too.



I have been owned by cats all my life and I have come to the conclusion that in order to be able to trim kitty nails you have to make it a daily habit to play with their paws. When I trim my cat's nails I only take the sharp tip of the nail off. I am very quick but very careful, which comes from experience, and can have three nails done before they even realize what's happening. Then if they begin to move I just speak calmly to them and get their attention on me as I snip a few more tips. If the cat becomes stressed I stop and pick up where I left off the next day. I never have to and never will hold the cat down against it's will. There is no law saying all the nails must be trimmed at the same time. Pushing the limit will only enhance kitties fear and may even break the bond you have worked hard to form.

Stay warm,  my friends.

hugs, Deb


  1. I give my girls mani/pedis too! Tilly McTillster only has one back leg (long story) so we give her a mani/ped. :) I hold the kitty and my husband clips. For the most part it goes well. Charleigh and Nella do just fine. Tilly can get a bit cranky so we cuddle her in between clips. It's better to clip than amputate any day!

  2. Lovely photos . It rained so hard and so much since last night all our snow is gone and we are green again . Thankfully my violets have bloomed wonderfully for me this year they do add such pretty colour don't they ?! Papa is the one who trims Harley's claws and does them all at once as she knows she will get a treat for being a good kitty and she seems to do ok as she purrs whilst he does them .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day . PS sunshine for us tomorrow YIPPY !!

  3. Hi Deb, I love the photo of the mourning doves. Very pretty.
    We were blessed with two pretty easy going cats when it came to their nails. I could snip them while they were laying down for a snooze.
    Take care.

  4. We are having a snow-rain-cold Winter so far.
    We fear the real Winter will come in February
    as it has in the past.Sometimes with a vengeance.
    That said, we like your pretty flowers.
    The Winter(in the city) is not as pretty as other seasons and needs something that is alive ;) That violet looks very happy :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  5. Thank you Deb for the tips on trimming kitty nails! I have always been one to "hold hands" with my cats so they are accustomed to me handling their paws. I try to trim nails when they are sleepy but I will never force them either. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get them all done.

    Stay warm and enjoy your beautiful little violet! We have an ice storm moving in here in Missouri so we are not going anywhere!

  6. I have never known anyone in New Zealand to trim cats claws . Even if Poppy was an indoor cat, she never scratches me or the furniture.

  7. I love kitty paws and play with them all the time. I take Annie and Sam to vet for nail trims!

  8. Yours is the second blog I've seen today showing off a new African Violet! I need one! haha. Must look for my sweet!

  9. All those blue tea settings remind me so much of the Delft blue tea cups and other things my parents had.

  10. What type of nail clipper do you use?? Have not tried this yet, but do play with her paws and she lets me, so I think this could work!!

  11. I am with about enough of the winter blahs today. My fur girls are two of the most relaxed kitties I have ever had, we can ever rub their tummies, but you know that we support the kitty rescue & let the ladies come in to do their nails. I must add that from one of your previous posts I took the idea of suet out for the Starlings (which we call goonie birds) & today we have about 10-12 of them feeding on the suet. Who knows one day you may inspire me more to make my own suet! (col).

  12. The Hubby does the nail trims; he places the cat in his lap, with their belly out. He starts with the front paws, then the back. We began the procedure when they were kittens. Wished we'd started with teeth brushing back then too!

  13. Cats and their claws... None of mine like their claws being trimmed, but with three of them, I can do all of a cat's nails at once. Cammie's I must cut one or two, sometimes three, at a time. But in the past, I've had to take her to the veterinary for that simple procedure, so this is an improvement.

    Those doves looked very puffed up against the cold. I would be, too.

  14. The dove photo is beautiful! You should frame it!
    Nebraska ><>

  15. Thank you for the common sense reminder that nails don't have to be clipped in 1 sitting. Like you, I clip just the where near the quick. 2 degrees last Sunday am, 70 degrees yesterday. Spring like weather for next few days. Come visit in central VA, USA. Gail

  16. Good nail trimming tips. This is Lizzie's least fave thing. Dr. Anne has to put the cat muzzle to cover her eyes to do it. She's paw-sensitive. But I'll keep trying. Those teeny things are like talons!

    I love your cupboard which looks so cozy. I'm in the dumps too. I think mine has to do with a) cold b) politics. Either way, dumps is dumps. Keep cozy!

  17. Thank you for your "pet-icure" tips!! Posie likes to be on my shoulder, then hubby clips her claws. I have occasionally been clawed in the process (despite using the heaviest towel in the closet over my shoulder), but it all works out.
    Loved your violet..they are so dainty and pretty!
    I'm also in love with all of your blue and white...I collect the red and white, and cram it in wherever I can find a spot :^) I also have strings of white lights around my dish shelves. It is just pretty in these long dark days!
    Blessings to you,