Friday, January 27, 2017

Enough, already!

I'm dreaming of spring

while we wait out a prediction of nine straight days of snow ahead. Good Grief...

Our grandittle, Gwynn,
had some fun with the tiny country cottage cluttered china cupboard yesterday.
It road around in a wooden wagon pulled by a plastic goat.
Then we made a Valentine card for her dad which she promptly hid in a bag so daddy wouldn't see it.

She had lots of fun and went home with banana pecan muffins and a big jar of seed for her birds.
Annie was thinking ..."why, oh why, are small people so quick and unpredictable?"
"I'm exhausted."

I prepared the feeders today for the next few days as I expect we will have lots of birds here.
Our neighbours are still away and the birds that would normally feast in their yard will be here, I'm sure.
I have hung commercial suet as I have gone through the home-made batch.
It's on my 'to do' list, though.
The chickadees are so friendly
as they gather around and watch me fill the platform tray and feeder.
They're very chatty.
And rather demanding. lol
We'll be seeing wood-peckers, nuthatch, juncos, blue-jays, chickadees, mourning doves, cardinals (male and female), sparrows and crows.
No hawks, I hope. :-[

There's lots for you too, Red. 
This tree is right behind our most popular feeders so that is where many of the birds and Red go for shelter.
And a dozen or so squirrels.
I do hope they get through the next few days and are still here to tell the 'tail'.
"She has all the birds she can manage but not once, NOT ONCE, has she delivered one on a sesame seed bun like I requested."  :(

"Life's the pits. I'm up for adoption, by the way."
(don't tell the 'ol gal)


  1. The cats must make themselves scarce when the grandchildren are around!

  2. I know you're tired of the snow but the good news for all of us is that you do more posts when you are "cooped up", as I call it when the weather keeps me inside.
    Good pics of your dear kitties and so cute to see Gwynn playing with the little china hutch!
    Pretty heart that you put together for the birds. Hope they appreciated it. :) Nebraska ><>

  3. I find north east of the Provence gets so much more snow then we down here does I thunk it is because that area your area is in the snow belt if I am correct . Wonderful photos I see in some of them you had sunshine I cant remember what the sun looks like as we have had so many over cast days they say it has been 2 weeks I feel like it has been months lol ! I had to giggle at the look on your kitties face and her words she may of been saying . Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  4. Oh no - nine days of snow.....I feel some cabin fever coming on! So sweet to see little Gwynn playing with the tiny hutch. I had to scroll down to catch up and saw that you recently found this little treasure! The local wildlings must be so grateful that you are keeping them from starving in the harsh winter weather. Love seeing the little red squirrel and the cardinals. My kitties always hide when we have guests, especially little ones - well now it is only Maggie :( I hope the forecasters are wrong....x Karen

  5. Adoption! Audrey!x Are you sure....!!!
    Do you really want to leave a lovely
    mouse~house..(with no mice)..and spread
    your wings! Yes! l know you don't have
    any wings..but you know what l mean! :).
    Bless! I think your better off where you
    are...After are numero uno...! :).

    And..nine days of snow...Goodness! Think l'd
    hide under the stairs..with loads of hot chocolate!
    The birds and animals are very lucky, some of your
    food looks good enough to eat Deb! Hope Simon's o.k.
    Bless him..!x

    Oh! Do like that picture..up top..nice that!

  6. Oh Audrey! I would adopt you like a shot. Love the heart-shaped food pile. Wrap up warmly now. Jo

  7. She'd never, never ever, let you go Audrey. Gail

  8. So much cold and snow. Stay warm and snuggle up. When my Grands come over the cat scatters!! Hugs!

  9. Your sweet grandlittle is precious - and I love the china cupboard laden with tea cups that she is playing with!

  10. Oh Deb, I can't even imagine getting nine days of snow. Folks around here would go crazy...there would never be anymore milk and bread in the stores. Gwynn is so cute pulling your tiny cupboard in a little wagon. If only you could put all of Audrey's pictures and comments in a book, you would have a best seller. I cracked up when I saw her picture and read her comment. You two are so funny!

  11. 9 days of snow! Oh my stars!!! LOL

    I'd like a bit more here, but not 9 days worth.

    Yes, I agree! Little ones do whizzzz around. Poor kitty! ,-)

    Love their imagination though.

    Gentle hugs and blessings,
    Luna Crone

  12. Okay Audrey...I've held my tongue long are a curmudgeon! There, it's said! I love you anyway.

  13. Your feeders look fabulous! I returned to find mine nearing empty so you know what I'll be doing in a bit! Can't miss feeding time!