Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The country cottage cluttered china cupboard look.

I'm sure, to many readers, my old step-back cupboard is very cluttered-looking.
I change it up often
and love to cram all my favorite dishes in there.
I love the 
country cottage cluttered china cupboard look.
It makes me think of my grandmother's kitchen cupboards
in the old clap-board farm house that once stood on our property.

Now, I can't be the only one that likes the 'cluttered' look in her china cupboard.
I know there are people who think my cupboard isn't so cluttered; that I could use a few lessons in creating                                                                                                  'beautiful clutter' about showing off your country cottage cluttered china cupboard. :) I'd be thrilled to see it and I know lots of bloggers that are right there with me.

If I only had a longer, taller cupboard I would have more fun than a cat with a feather wand.
And just think of all the treasure hunting I could do.!

Would you look at this...
I could spend all morning there.
With a big 'ol cup of tea, of course.
I'd feel like The Mad Hatter.

Maybe you prefer a calmer look.

Or you might prefer pastels.

It's all very pretty.
Well, if you are a dishaholic, that is.
These photos were from Pinterest
under China Cabinets and Hutches.

I look forward to the spring blue and white china hunt
in all the little antique shops around.

"Oh, for crying out loud...
I fear someday you'll find me 
at the bottom of a 
country cottage china 
"Save me now, someone."
"Oh...and this bed goes where I go."

hugs, Deb


  1. I'll take a photo of my cupboard and show you I love clutter too! That Audrey is a sweetie, just like Clara, her twin!

  2. Well...I think the 5C's look..looks lovely! :).
    And, yes, every know again you have to move things
    about, if you use something, then you put it back
    in a different place!
    And, Wow! Love the 2nd photo down...Yes! I could
    live with that...Even though l'm not a 'blue'
    person...! :).

    I'll try and send you a photo of mine, see if it
    comes out o.k.

    Audrey! I'll save ya! I'll save ya! Bed and all..
    As many beds as you like! Bless!x

  3. Oh Deb, your cupboard looks beautiful! I love the dishes, and that rich golden glow from the lights. I want some lights for my cupboard. :( To me, your cupboard and dishes are prettier than any of the pictures from Pinterest. You and Audrey together make me laugh. My dad used to always be saying "for crying out loud".

  4. You obviously enjoy filling the cupboard, with memories and cool stuff that you find. I like the twinkle lights, especially. Thank you for the silly Audrey fix; I was running a bit dry of Audreyness!

  5. Ha! I like the 'Mad Hatter' remark. I find the lights in your cupboard an ingenious touch. The second photograph would be too much for me; I'm not a destructive person, but I might feel too much the urge to become the proverbial bull. I do enjoy the pastel look, though; very soothing.

  6. My china cabinet (mostly glass) is a total jumble. We'll see if the new hutch fares any better but I suspect not. That's a great idea for a post and when I'm back from TX, I might just do that one. What I can say is it looks like home to me, and isn't that the best?

  7. That doesn't look cluttered to us. Sure, there are a lot of dishes but there is a theme and they aren't stacked all wily-nily. We like it!

  8. My motto is: You can't have too many dishes! I have so many sets that I have to change it up every few months according to 'theme'. I stash them all in labeled boxes in the closet under my stairs. I have to be very discriminating in adding to my collections, though, or things could get out of hand very fast! haha. I love your blue and white china and that beautiful tea pot has caught my eye. Having things you love on display just makes a house a home :) Lovely cupboard and a beautiful collection! xx K

  9. Deb, I thought of you today! I was at an auction and there were several beautiful old step back cupboards there! I swooned over them and knew you would, too! :)

  10. Hello Deb, I love your step back cupboard & I love it everytime you feature it. In fact, I love all those cupboards you have shown. Yes I am in favour of the cluttered look too ... none of this minimalist stuff for me !!! Thank you for the lovely comment you left me on my blog - yes I certainly DID want to keep the Mama cat even though her & my two were hissing & spitting at each other !!!

  11. Papa found a mall in Woodstock that sells nothing but all Antiques bet they have lots of side lovely dishes and side boards there we will be going to check it out this weekend .I like your step back/ hutch cupboard always looks so pretty . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. I adore what you do with your frequent re-arranged, well loved, organized, pretty cabinet display. It tells a story of a friendly woman. Gail

  13. You work wonders with your step back, Deb. You have so many beautiful and delightful things to work with. Never a dull moment. Although I must admit I had to put a cool wash cloth on my forehead after swooning over the "Mad Hatter" room.

  14. Your step back cupboard doesn't look cluttered to me. Someone just told me in a comment mine was cluttered and mismatched but that is OK with me. I like your kitty cat dishes
    I have one cat inside and a stray I have started feeding outside however a raccoon keeps eating the kittens food outside?

  15. Deb, I love the cupboard! I have a baker's rack at my boyfriend's that has twinkly lights and all sorts of "stuff" but no cupboard yet. I have moved a lot over the last few years. Well, now, wait. I do have one in my shop! Perhaps I will share that one! By the way, it always makes me laugh to see your "cat clown." I thought my boyfriend and I were the only ones to call our cats "cat clowns." Whenever they start their nightly running through the house and play fighting, we call it "cat clown hour." :) xo Lynn

  16. Wonderful alliteration [all those 'C's]--you need a 'cat' somewhere in the title!
    I like the look of your cupboard. My pretties need to be displayed behind a glass door--my cats can't be trusted not to explore open shelves.

  17. i love the look of cluttered in anything, i think it's more 'country' when it's cluttered, i hate it when people tell me i need to 'declutter!' one day i will have my little house in some kind of orderly clutter (or un-orderly) country cottage style! i love your cupboard, it's always interesting... been eyeing off a lovely glassed door old kitchen cupboard myself, very tempting to buy it!
    have a lovely weekend
    thanx for sharing

  18. Great cupboard. Perfect for clutter. Thanks for sharing your cupboard.

  19. Hiya Deb ! well I love china and I love having them all displayed...makes the house look like a home ...with a few kitties dotted round of course !
    Gail x

  20. My cats and dogs are decluttering my house for me... :P