Sunday, January 29, 2017


It's been snowing off and on for three days. We are presently in the midst of a blizzard. And the sun has been hiding for weeks now. It's too dark all day and it's getting colder.

Do you feel sorry for us yet? 
It's not that bad, I guess.

The little white Christmas lights will stay in the window to add some cheer to the mouse house.

I used to love the snow just like all Canadian kids. I wish I still felt like dressing up in a snowsuit and heading out to build a snow fort or a snow man like I did then. In and out; dressing and undressing. It was all fun and games. Now the dressing for cold weather is annoying most days and the driving on icy roads treacherous.  Cold walks with or without the grand-dog (although he loves it)
and shoveling is for the birds. Oh...and the birds. :((( Well, I need not tell you how I worry about the birds.

So, I'm just waiting on spring now.

I've been reading more and am presently half way through A Cure for Death by Lightening. (fiction)
It took me twice starting this book as I hesitated to go forward after reading lines scattered here and there on animal cruelty.  I eventually did pick it up again and am now enjoying the read; albeit some bits are difficult.

I am doing some research on line on bird friendly plants and shrubs to add to the garden this year. It will be fun to carry on with our landscaping.

Audrey always hovers when I am on-line as if she finds the whole thing fascinating.
Can you believe that face.
Plus she loves the heat from the lamp above.
But, her sweet and endearing personality :-b changes when the camera appears.

She becomes possessed; the hunter inside is released and my life is on the line.
Which undoubtedly cracks me up.
Cats don't like to be laughed at.
Poor Audrey.
The evening ends with her compulsive need to scratch at her favorite pottery dish that holds her beloved little nuggets of stinky goodness.  Then, once again, all will be right with the world.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh brrrrrrr! That snow would make me want to take a nap for sure!
    Audrey is a crack up. Her face is so intent on . . . something!

  2. Great post Deb! I love Audrey's face in the last two photos. We had brief glimpses of sun today. I just popped outside and the stars and moon are blazing!
    Take care.

  3. We haven't had lots of snow falling but we are white now and are still waiting for the sun to make an appearance here to . There are lots of wonderful shrubs and plants that are bird friendly sounds like your going to have fun in the spring oh spring I cant wait ! Audrey your a hoot . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening .

  4. The face of the cat intimidates me, but it is a beautiful animal, it looks like my cat LUlu.

  5. That expression looks like a warning to me. I could just squeeze Audrey. Does she like to be held? Sorry to hear it's still snowing there. Your little mouse house always looks cozy and warm though.

    1. If that question was on her info sheet I would have to say "No" but she actually does like me to hold her for a few minutes and will purr her head off to prove it.

  6. I wouldn't argue with Audrey with that look on her face she obviously doesn't like the camera. Like you I used to love snow but now I just see its dangers. We always have more birds in the garden in the colder weather when they seek out the feeders for food and shelter in the hedges:)

  7. planting trees for the birds is the best way to go, then they can help themselves, i hope to get plenty of nectar & fruit trees planted here, as soon as the plumber gets back from his darn holiday! (no water down the back block)
    love the 'many faces of Audrey' she is definitely a crack up
    thanx for sharing

  8. That's a serious cat face, LOL.

  9. No guessing about how Audrey feels about things, is there.
    I love to watch it snow and see the snow glisten when the fall is fresh. Otherwise, melt asap...please!

  10. I know you are inside and warm but the birds, you do all you can to feed them I know! Oh Audrey, that face is just so unique. Her expressions always make me smile! Hugs.

  11. It does seem like sunshine's a rarity lately!

  12. Absolutely LOVE the up-close and personal faces of Audrey! Makes my day every time. Keep 'em coming.
    Stay snug. Nebraska ><>

  13. I hope Mother Nature warms you soon. Oh the winter...too long and too cold for you all! Warm hugs from Texas!

  14. Yikes! That last photo of Audrey should be on the cover of a Stephen King novel! Yes, Winter is returning to Michigan, and snow and cold are on tap. I've learned to enjoy shoveling snow, but if I rush too much, I always hurt my back. Slow and steady works, and sometimes just standing quietly in the snow is wonderful; so quiet.

  15. Side note on bird friendly landscaping...A very large fast food place here updated their landscaping. I feared for a large dense bush by the drive-thru. The birds love that bush and customers can readily hear the birds in the drive-thru. I'm happy to say the bush is still there. The bush is pruned regularly so it won't get any bigger :)

  16. I think the lighting sometimes makes Audrey look rather sinister. Or perhaps that's just Audrey...

    Yes, I remember snowsuits. It's a wonder we could move in them. They make me think of the 'Peanuts' cartoon where Charlie Brown falls on ice and he's so heavily wrapped up, he can't get up; Snoopy has to push him to firm ground like a log.

  17. I love that face !
    Audrey is part domestic goddess and part lioness in the Serengeti, she has a personality all of her own :)
    Your little lights are sweet, they really cozy up a room, or a beloved step-back cupboard.
    Stay warm dear friend.

  18. We drove home in a horrible snowstorm last night. Scary three hours and now I'm just sort of recuperating.

    That Audrey! She has a fabulous face! I'd love to see the descriptions the bad cat calendar would come up with for her. You really should submit her!

  19. I love Audrey stories and that face !!!!

  20. Your home seems so warm and cozy and filled with light in your snowy climate. I love seeing Audrey's expressions , she's a very expressive cat. ( tell her I think she is beautiful.)

    We have the same weather you do and although I am still loving the snow and how beautiful it is outdoors, I agree, getting dressed to go outdoors , then struggling to get all that clothing off to come indoors is hard work and frustrating after awhile. Really hard work !