Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello February.


                            a sun-puddle.
                          Ain't life grand.

This little scalliwag is up before six a.m.
and if I don't wait on her hand and foot
she sends everything flying off my dresser.
There is very little on there now except things that bounce.

"I'm innocent."

She's  in her glory with the sun-shine and rolled so much today she fell right out of her bed. Bless her little lion heart. :-b

And now it's very cold. The temps dropped to -23C over-night.
It did warm up though, so it was a nice day to bundle up and go for a walk.
And, put your face to the sun.

A new month ahead. The weather will be as unpredictable as our political world right now. I guess we should just tighten up our boot-straps and meet it head-on.
Here's to a calmer month; one that slides in, takes us for a joyous ride, and slides out again.

And then we'll be one more month closer to spring.

I'm ready. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey!x Your a scream! Bless!x
    Never long as your getting your
    own way! And, don't worry about falling
    out of bed, l've done it loads of times!
    And, l have a King size...! :).

    Political world..! I thought Trump lived in
    the States...HeHe! Must check the news, see
    if he's still alive...!!! What a horrid man!

    Lovely 'Pink' flower at the cheer us
    ALL up...Lovely! :0).

  2. I hadn't thought seven weeks till spring. I love that! Yes, we must count down together.

  3. The end of January left a few inches of snow on it's way out, but the sun is shining today...yay! Photos of Audrey always make my day1

  4. Hello Audrey,
    You always make me smile =)
    Filled with joie de vivre--even in the midst of winter!
    Enjoy your sunbeams!

  5. How could you accuse such an innocent looking kitty of knocking things off your dresser! :) I know you were glad to see the sunshine. Nothing changes my mood and cheers me up as much as having the sun come out.

  6. You and I are very much alike for the sunshine and spring . I to turned and faced the sun when Miggs and I were out for our walk it felt soo good . Lovely photos , Audrey your a scamp lol ! Come on spring WOOHOO! Thanks for sharing , Have a great day !

  7. Oh my goodness we have never been that cold before. Stay warm and cozy.

  8. Ah spring.....isn't it wonderful to dream about! The face of of a kind!

  9. Thankfully we don't have any cats that insist we get up. They are snuggled down in bed with us sleeping and stay there long after we get up!
    Glad the sun is shining there with all that bitter cold! Brrr!

  10. It was definitely very cold last night!

  11. Some wonderful photos of Audrey - she is So beautiful. I am ready for days of sunshine & flowers & a mug of tea to enjoy on the patio.

  12. those are frame worthy photos of Audrey! just gorgeous! even if she is a scalliwag! knocking things off the dresser to get you out of bed hah who needs an annoying alarm clock when you have the lovely Audrey to wake you every morning?! adorable!
    gosh that's cold bbbrrr keep warm over there!
    thanx for sharing

  13. Hi Deb! Oh, it DOES look cold. Brrrrr!
    Timothy has started jumping on me if I'm not up at 5. He wants his breakfast.
    I hope Audrey finds some sunbeams today!

  14. Hi Deb,
    Willie sent me over.
    Love your blog!

  15. Yes, come February, I start thinking more and more about spring. I know the cats will like open windows, and sniffing fragrances through the screens. Me too, for that matter.

  16. Only one thing to say. I cannot wait until spring. Oh, and love the photos! Two things. :)

  17. The sun shows the beautiful shine and glow of Audrey's fur.What a beautiful cat she is and I suspect she know it. She sounds like a diva .

    We for several more inches of snow today to add to the almost 2 feet we already had, so even though i love this winter wonderland, spring's arrival is very appealing.