Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Images above from internet

Here's what I found while shoveling at the back of our property today.
That's my foot next to it.
Yogi on on right

Not quite like the googled image but what else can it be?


It traveled up and over our snow-covered stone wall.

I expect this is a bear from the images I found on-line.
I never thought we'd have them so close.
Wait 'til I tell Audrey.

"Two of those fat doves on a biscuit for dinner 
and your bear worries, lady, will be no more."


hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey, you are so fierce! But OH! Bear! Me running in the other direction of those prints, for sure...

  2. Oh no, that's a bit scary Deb! Bears that close might be a problem - have your neighbors synth around?
    Look at Audrey's expression - I tell you, that kitty is quite amazing.

  3. Audrey, you'd go nuts if you saw a bear roaming through the yard.

  4. Yikes! I think it's a good thing Forest is back home safe and sound! Bears are not my cup of tea, that's for sure so that's another reason I'm happy to be living in Nebraska ><> :-)

  5. How very interesting! You'd think he would be hibernating! Must be hungry and could smell the bird treats.

    1. I thought so too, Betsy. I think with all the warm days mixed in with the stormy ones they are waking up now.

  6. WOW ! didn't know you had bears there thought they were farther north ,YIKES ! Audrey your a hoot . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Yikes! Don't go hunting for them!
    Audrey makes fantastic faces!

  8. I've just browsed through the 'footprints
    in the snow' images on Google...Nothing
    there, nearest thing, down to the shape
    was a deer, but the print is to big for
    a it's not that!
    Audrey!x What have you been up to..! :).

  9. Ooooooo, how scary. Poor thing must be hungry. Still I should take a good look before you go out.

  10. Oh my...reminds me of the footprints in the snow in Maine....sometimes you just never knew what went bump in the night! Audrey..your sense of humor is beyond.....precious!

  11. Bear!! It seems early for them doesn't it?

  12. Uh oh, you better be careful with your bird feeders now and when you go for your walks!!! I haven't seen ours since the snow started but no doubt these warm temps will bring them out of hibernation soon - back to bringing the feeders in every night when that happens!

  13. The warm weather probably disrupted the bear's hibernation cycle and the scent of the bird suet, with all of its delightful ingredients, lured him to your home.
    I so hope Simon was in full hibernation mode.

  14. Wow -- better be careful out there and worrying about Dave or anyone else outdoors. Although I think a cat could probably outrun a bear! That's a little creepy to me...

  15. Ha ha -- Audrey has the answer for everything! :) Bear! Be careful!