Sunday, February 19, 2017

Family time

It's been a busy time at the mouse-house.
Thursday was the first day in months that I was serenaded by the resident birds while I shoveled snow. They sang their hearts out; spring is not far off.
 Having our grand-dog visiting meant shoveling out a few paths for him to run around and I chose that to be my exercise this week. Mornings have been calm, warmer than normal for this time of year and sunny;  the chore of shoveling made much easier by the bird-song and the sun on my face.
I filled feeders, suet cages with fresh home-made suet and gave Red a treat of peanuts and a few grapes.

The chickadees were first to indulge. Would you just look at those teeny tiny feet. :) The crows cleaned up some old sugar-free cereal I had. Everything seemed content with the offerings.

 I often wonder as I fill the feeders if I will see Simon again. He would be four years old now; old for a chipmunk. I have watched his den opening over the winter but have never seen him pop out on the warmer days. I wonder why? I hope he's survived another cold, Ontario winter and gets to enjoy a daily breakfast of seeds, nuts and fruit again this spring. 

All the shoveling made me hungry. 

Time for coffee in a tea-cup and a muffin.

Fun at the mouse-house
Family Day was celebrated early as my son's family came out today to play in the snow. Since we've not had one snowman built all winter, Riley, Brad & Tenley (and daddy, too) created Frosty. 

                              great day for making snowballs

Tenley's contribution

Bradley looked very proud of his creation.
It's pretty awesome and I can see it from our back window. 

Forrest was a complete goof-ball today; helping as best he could with the masterpiece. A fun 'last day' of his stay with us.
He is heading home as I type this.

                                     "So long, Dork Dog"

Wishing you all a Happy Family Day.

hugs, Deb


  1. We visited our daughter yesterday and her garden was full of chirping birds, I love them all.
    Notice you have the Calico cup there, this is my favourite design, we have lots of it in the cupboard, the tea always looks lovely in this cup.

  2. HeHe! I'm with Audrey!x But then, l'm always with
    Audrey!x What ever Audrey!x says...Goes...!!! :).

    Goodness! Look at all that snow! Wow! Love the
    snowman though...mind he does'nt wander off...! :).

    And...Simon...yes! Hope the little fella is o.k.
    Hope we see him soon...Bless him!x

  3. My comment just disappeared. Hopefully, both won't publish. Anyhow, this is such a good post. Hope spring comes soon up your way, The singing birds and sunshine sure sound like spring is near. I doubt there has ever been a little chipmunk with such a nice home and a cupboard stocked with such fine healthy he will be out before long. That is a fine snowman, and your new granddaughter is just beautiful! Love, Henny

  4. Your snowman is a masterpiece of snow. Our back garden has a lot of squirrel love activity, which I hope means an early spring. I too have notice the bird song has changed in tone & volume - another good sign of spring is on its way. The sunshine was so delightful over the weekend & one of my two girls certainly made use of the sun puddles (I posted on my blog). Oh Audrey, hate to disappoint you but Forrest will be back!

  5. Boy, those grandkids are growing up fast. Time flys. Your snowy landscape looks beautiful. I am fascinated by the lineage of Forrest. Do you know for certain that is his background?

    1. That's what we've been told. He was a rescue dog so we did not have too much history.

  6. Your bird photos, as always, are just fabulous. And I really love seeing your tribe having a wonderful time. Great joy there. Here's hoping Simon returns!

  7. Love the snowman! Spending time with the Grands is always such a joy.

  8. Thats one of the prettiest snowmen I've ever seen!! Love all the fun snow pictures. And your bird pictures! I spent the weekend photographing animals and birds at the annual Wildlife Expo here..had such a great time but am so so worn out! Still sorting through the hundreds of pictures I took and tring to get posts up! We learned alot and saw some very interesting animals and had great sunny high 70s degree weather.

  9. Lovely photos glad you all had a good weekend and week with that lovely pooch . WOW ! you have lots of snow still there , we have been snowless for over a week now green sunny and warm down here very spring like . Our Robins , Grackles and Morning Doves are back so nice to have them about again , since the warm up the birds haven't been at the feeders as much as I have seen bugs out already . Hard to say if old man winter is gone or just taking a break and teasing us down here lol ! Love that huge snow man . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. That Snowman is AWESOME! ⛄️
    Enjoy your week Deb...
    Linda :o)

  11. That is a SWEET snowman and hello Audrey!

  12. Cute squirrel! Audrey must be pleased now that the dog's gone back home!

  13. That is one great looking snowman !
    All that snow, wow ....
    Lovely time spent with your family, Audrey looks pleased to have her domain

  14. Lovely post Deb. Your family is so special and I love how you are able to do fun winter things together.
    Sweet chickadees - so tiny aren't they, makes one wonder how they survive the cold.
    Hope Simon reappears this spring - he's just so adorable.