Thursday, February 9, 2017

February days.

Valentine cards are so cute, aren't they?
I just finished making one for each of my grandittles to add to their Valentine treats. I have five dittles now and will arrange to see them all before the 'love' day.

Audrey just reminded me it's tax time.

"It's tax time, woman."
"You oughta get at that. After I've had my freeze-dried chicken treats. "

"You did buy some. I saw you hide them in the drawer."
Nothing gets past you, love.

Something took the whole side off one of my feeders over-night. So now it looks like this. 
The squirrels and raccoons are so destructive.
There was a huge raccoon hanging around last night.

That's the thanks I get for being generous with the food.
The chickadees don't care but I'll need to get that repaired so the food stays dry. 

It snowed all day on Tuesday so the retired guy got 'ol Nellie out to clear a few paths today. She works pretty good for being a thousand years old. 

That's the old out-house in the back-ground.

So you can see we still have plenty of the white stuff.
And there is more coming by the sounds of it.

6 weeks 'til Spring.

hugs, Deb


  1. That Audrey. The expressions on her face always make me laugh.

  2. Oh those naughty raccoons, we had several years of problems with them but when the pack of coyotes moved into the area, well our problem was solved for us. Good for old Nellie doing a fabulous job. I must see if I can find those special treats that Audrey likes for my fur girls ... 6 weeks until spring but more like 10 weeks before a spring like day (col).

  3. Audrey, the tough task-master! The raccoons have been around The 'O' Cats bowls; their grubby handprints are everywhere! I do NOT want to feed them, however I cannot control how much food the cats leave behind. Hard for me to give them a little less, just to avoid raccoons.

  4. Pretty snow but cold! I'm wishing for some spring time blooms to brighten my days. Hugs!

  5. Are those Valentine's Day cards from a long time ago - I remember ones like that when I was very tiny - or are they still making them these days for children?

    1. You can still find them, John. I do prefer to make my own, though.

  6. Those Valentines are so cute! Much cuter than those in stores today...action figures and such. My mother loved Valentines and kept little ones like those stuck in her Bible. That Audrey can cheer me up, no matter what kind of mood I'm in. You two are hilarious, and should have your own book. Oh, Poppy is so mad at the squirrels. He feeds the deer year round. The feeder has a wire cage all around, but the squirrels keep finding ways to reach through and make the feeder throw out more corn. They have chewed holes in the tough plastic barrel feeder. A never ending battle.

  7. Adorable Valentines! Very sweet. Lucky grands! :)
    Raccoons are amazing. They can break into anything!

  8. Yeah, what's with those raccoons? I thought they were supposed to be hibernating! I have to bring in my suet feeder at night because they empty it!
    Adorable Valentines! I love the old-fashioned ones, so very sweet. Your homemade cards are delightful. And your Audrey is too funny!

  9. That's definitely a raccoon thing to do.

  10. Audrey should get a time out for that LOOK! LOL The Valentines for your grandittles are so cute. My grands, unfortunately, got Frozen or Star Wars Valentines because that's what they're into these days. Six weeks until spring where you live? We don't really get spring until mid April. And I am so looking forward to it!:-) Have a wonderful weekend, Deb. xo

  11. I got my Valentine's out early since I'm heading to the UK for a show next week. I haven't told the cats, but they know something is up...nothing gets past them either! Stay warm, XOXO

  12. Oh Audrey, you insist on being the center of attention, and how you make me smile!
    Sorry about the damage - must have been the raccoon, they can really do a job on feeders, and they even open trash can lids!

    Great 'guy in heavy snow on vintage tractor' shots - retirement is still keeping him busy I see!
    Lovely cards - you are so clever to make your own for the grandittles, they will be keepers I'm sure.

    Deb, hope you're not buried under snow for the weekend - be careful with the shovel, our backs don't like them!

    Sending warm hugs - Mary

  13. Hope Audrey enjoyed her treats...your raccoons seem mischievous little creatures we of course don't have have such a lot of snow!! we haven't had any this year except on the top of the local mountains, so we've had it easy up to now. Have a nice weekend...Gail x

  14. Leave it to Audrey to remind us of taxes! I'll bet it's snowing your way. My friend in London said it's been snowing there most of the day and going east. Love the Valentines. Keep cozy!

  15. Hey Deb, it's me again. If you get a chance to check back, I replied to your recent comment and added a picture of Smokey, specially for you. :) Thanks.

  16. Cards looks cute and beautiful. Be safe and keep yourself warm!

  17. Nice of Audrey to keep you on track with your taxes:)
    The VDay cards for the Grands are darling.

  18. That is a stern look she's giving you,better do as that look asks I say.
    That snow looks so beautiful, weve just had an awful week in the 40 c s, This week is a little cooler which has given us the chance to get outside and clean up the scorched plants.
    jeanette ann

  19. Such sweet vintage valentines! Thanks for sharing :-)