Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow, snow and more *@#%(())* snow.

We had lots of help removing snow over the weekend
but there is plenty more now after a blizzard yesterday.

                                          6p.m. last night.
                                          My poor little birds. 

Annie (who looks like a loaf of bread from this angle) enjoys watching the squirrels wake up in our maple trees and head over to the feeders.
There are quite a few acrobatic moves on the way.

By the way, I may have a little less time on the computer the next week or so as Forrest, our grand dog, is coming to stay while his people travel. He'll keep us busy and the cats in a tiff but I'm sure the week will pass quickly. He loves the retired-guy so much. We'll take him for many walks and rides in the van. He may even get to have a Tim Horton's doughnut on one of his excursions.

I have grown white tulips in a pot and they are up and adding some spring to the mouse-house. My violets are blooming, too. What would we do without early flowers. :)

Oh boy, those birds are fun to watch.
Audrey does not envy the local barn cats these days with low temperatures and one blizzard after another.
It's just fine to be an in-door pampered pussy-cat.

And a cat-nip filled mousie helps, too.

Spring looks far off right now.
If you are in the snow-belt
"Happy shoveling."

hugs, Deb


  1. So much snow! Glad you are inside and staying warm!

  2. Fresh snow looks prettier than slushy, blackened piles, but it will be nice when it goes AWAY again!

  3. You got so much snow!!! Keep enjoying the view Annie!!! Have a great week:)

  4. As long as they've got entertainment out in the feeders and can pester you at will, those cats will be happy, even with a doggie around the house!

  5. We have new snow today also......and ice.....

  6. Our country likes to remind us now and then that we are indeed Canadians. As for the cats being pampered indoor types, it's a fine life. Mine stick to their heated cat-beds when the wind howls.

  7. Lovely photos . All my indoor plants are dormant this season from the lack of sun but as we draw closer to spring I find we are getting more sunshine now so here's hoping they bloom soon. Oh my we had rain then a dusting of snow with high winds and it is mild and windy here today and the little bit of snow is now melting , being in the snow belt like you are gets hit hard a lot in the winters . Our cats are lucky aren't they ?! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  8. It's so nice to see your flowers blooming =)
    Stay warm and cozy...and the felines too!

  9. Maybe you can give Annie and Audrey a few extra treats to make up for Forrest's visit. If nothing else you can add to your collection of photos of the many faces of Audrey!

  10. That picture of Gwynn shoveling snow is adorable. She is so cute! Annie, looking like a loaf of bread! That's how I feel about myself right now. I would love to see Audrey with the catnip mouse. Oh Deb, I'm glad your tulips will bloom soon and you have the pretty violets. That helps, until you can get outside and garden. Winters can be so long, even though that snow is beautiful.

  11. Lots of pretty snow! That is so funny---- loaf-of-bread-kitty annie!! Ha ha lol. Love all the pictures

  12. Just read the previous post---MERCY THAT IS ONE INTENSE LOOK miss audrey had going on!!! Ha ha ha lol

  13. Looks quite cold there, nice to stay inside :-) I love tulips. They look pretty even before blooming! Stay warm and safe.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Our cats do not respect windowsills as off limits, so few plants or pretties can be lined up there. Flowers in winter are a treat.

  15. Oh my, enough is enough! I feel for you but it is pretty!

  16. Wow. I heard about this on the news but wow. Pretty enough but such a pain!

    I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day and that Audrey gave you a smile!