Sunday, February 5, 2017

Housing fun memories.

                             Two empty houses
just behind the mouse-house.
I hope the little blue bird house brings me a nesting bird this spring.
The out-house
is well over one hundred years old.
It's a two-seater and well-ventilated.
It's been scrubbed clean
and new seats added.
It will remain Only a decoration and an oddly fun memory of days gone by.
Even as kids we would decorate it, hide things in there and use it as a base for baseball games.
And there was always the threat of being locked in there by
a bratty play-mate. 
I, eh!

Now, I just check inside every once in awhile to see if a resident critter has made it their winter home.
The little wooded area behind is where the grands love to play.
It was time to remove the Christmas wreath today and replace it with something more appropriate.

Now that's better. :)
for the love month.

All set for Spring. really is tipping over.
I think it is being help upright by the tangley vines.
We will fix that once the snow melts. 

"Now, that's one exciting post, Deb."

"Stay tuned, folks. The next one will be all about my litter-box."
"Enough, Audrey."

Crows make me laugh. They are so brave in numbers and such push-overs when alone.
Even a tiny red squirrel can run one off.

Mourning Doves

                                         Such pretty birds.

Well, it's time to get ready for the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga.
It's a great excuse for all those favorite munchies.

Have fun.

hugs, Deb


  1. Now that I see your heart, it makes me think that I should also take down my wreath. I just need to go hunting for heart ;)
    Indeed, it is fun to watch the birds :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  2. I well remember the outhouse at my uncle's farm in Mississippi when I was young. Wonder what our kids will remember as nostalgic when they're our age. Like the heart wreath! and love crows!

  3. Oh! Audrey!x Your litter box....
    I will so look forward to seeing
    that...! :).
    Much better than looking at some
    old shed...and, much more interesting!
    ssssssh! Don't tell anyone..! :). I
    will get into trouble...'Mums the Word'. one poser to look
    great! :).
    Oh! And how about the meat on those doves!
    I had partridge for dinner yesterday..mmmmM!
    Wish l could have sent you some...!
    Well..don't know about you...but..l'm off to
    hide! :0). Bless!x

  4. Be careful, Audrey! She just MIGHT post about your litter box, then you'd be red with embarrassment. Go here: talk about their litter box 'art' every once in awhile, and it's hilarious!

  5. Tell Audrey that we like reading about your property and its history. Besides, I've written plenty of entries about my cats' litter-boxes...

  6. I appreciate your two empty houses. Do hope you get blue birds, this spring!

    And the old outhouse is precious. We never had one, in the little village, in which I grew up. But they still lined a back alley, not far away.

    These houses had indoor plumbing, but way back then, some of the old outhouses were still there, at the back of the property. A friend of mine, lived in one of those houses, so I "know" an outhouse. ,-)

    Love the sound of mourning doves... Such a soft sound.

    Must look up, the "why" of their name. "Mourning"... Sounds sad.

    Luna Crone

  7. It's wonderful, Deb. I had a hard time parting with my Christmas wreath this year but all set for a new holiday! Happy week.

  8. Lovely photos . To cold to go out into that old building back in the bush BRR ! thank goodness for in door plumbing lol ! Our Crows and Miggs talk to one another it is funny to hear Miggs bark and the crow caw at her . Lovely photos . Our morning Doves aren't around they seem to appear to our feeders closer to spring and through out the summer . Lots of rain for us overnight and all day Tuesday temps to hit +7 and possible thunderstorms the time of year for wacky weather as winter comes to a clsoe and spring pushes in . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. We ate munchies and watched Lady Gaga, too! :)
    That blue bird house is absolutely adorable!

  10. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey! You are a mess! This is a wonderful post. I can remember using an old outhouse like that many many years ago and it was not fun. My Aunt Berlie would say to me when I was young and spending the night with her, let's go out one more time before it gets too dark. It was scary going into a dark old outhouse at night. :)

  11. I sure hope you get a few nesting birds this Spring...
    You take such good care of them all year long.
    Enjoy your evening Deb...we are getting freezing rain.
    Linda :o)

  12. Oh Audrey! You can always get us to smile and laugh. You are a treasure.
    That little outhouse has withstood the test of time. Can you believe something so simple has endured ?

  13. Audrey, you are so naughty :) Love your heart wreath on the little outhouse <3 So charming! All the little birds are so sweet. I feel so bad for them this time of year, living in the cold. We should never complain about a thing after we think of all the poor wild things trying to survive this world. xx K

  14. I just discovered your site! Love the title "just cats" ! Mine are certainly precious to me - so I'm glad to have found your place & become a new follower!

    Your little outhouse building is quaint and beautiful, I love how those vines have strategically wrapped themselves around, even that is preciously beautiful - like a dear friend holding the other up!

    It's also wonderful to see snow! We haven't had much this year, but are actually expecting some today! Yay! We could use a good old fashioned snow day!

    Blessings to you and I look forward to hearing more about your kitties! Net

  15. Oh, Deb! The out-house! And Audrey! Ha ha ha. ROFL. I love crows and ravens. I try to work one into every guitar painting I do! Another lovely post. Love your blog!

  16. Love the out house, can you believe there is people today 40 down who don't know what that is LOL ?
    The heart looks wonderful on it
    Love the cat drama also
    I have started feeding a stray cat ,it's so pretty however won't even let me near it,runs like crazy. I put dry food out everyday for it

  17. The heart wreath is perfect for decorating the cute, historic no less, outhouse!
    The mourning doves are one of my gentle favorites of the garden - they cause no trouble and seem to get along with all the wildlife - except the hawks who have on occasion taken one - that really upsets me!
    Mary x

    1. I know what you mean, Mary. That upsets me, too.