Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kitty pitcher

My new pitcher.
Made in Finland.
Lasitteen Suojaama Korisie

My step-back cupboard features a bread board which I hardly ever use but find it quite charming, nonetheless.

I sometimes use it when entertaining.
The pitcher was found at a flea market last week.
The lady said to me, "Do you collect unique pitchers?''

Oh no...don't get me started.

The sun is in and out today.

And both Audrey and Annie and this little guy have enjoyed it when they can.

My violets are blooming; just in time to bring some light to this depressing month.

I'm glad it's a short one
and spring is only six weeks away.

eye-candy from pinterest

hugs, Deb


  1. Spring six weeks away, oh, no, tell me it isn't so!! This Desert Rat is not looking forward to Summer Heat!!

  2. How cute is that pitcher . I also collect pitchers , There's just something about them isn't there ?! The sun is in and out here today to . My violets have finished for now and are a little dormant as are my other indoor plants due to the lack of sun the past few weeks . I am soo looking forward to spring . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Good thing we weren't shopping together or it could have become very ugly at the flea market! That's adorable and it looks wonderful with all your blue and white! Perfect find!

  4. The pitcher is a neat one! It's nice to see Audrey and Annie snoozing in close company.

  5. What a perfect find. Blue and white, a pitcher, and a kitty cat on the front. They must have seen you coming. I miss having African violets in the kitchen window. Lowes has finally gotten some in and I sure want to buy a couple. The bucket of tulips is so pretty and reminds me of Easter. Spring can't get here soon enough!

  6. Love the little pitcher! Thrift store shopping is so fun!

  7. Your pitcher was a real find. Adorable ! I Iove the colors. Does the cardinal visit frequently? Does he have a Mrs ?

  8. Love your collection. Pretty!

  9. Such a darling little pitcher, Deb! I am in love with your cupboard :) Glad you are getting a bit of sunshine there. We are getting dreary rain and maybe snow tomorrow. I can't wait for spring. Love the Pinterest eye-candy. I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest lately :) xx Karen

  10. A little February sunshine is much needed. Sweet pitcher.
    Thank you popping by & leaving a caption to my photo x

  11. ooo love your new pitcher/jug, am collector myself of these & vintage teapots & cups :)) love your cupboard too!
    cats in sun puddles, so cute
    thanx for sharing

  12. This pitcher is so cute ! I would have bought it too ! My cats are waiting for some sunshine, just to lay down in the sun puddles !

  13. Such pretty blue pottery - I particularly like the blue patterned tea cup in the middle of the first photo. We had two days with some afternoon sun & I think I enjoyed the sun puddles more than the fur girls.

  14. Such a perfect little pitcher, it could be made just for you :)
    Sunshine here too, and rain on the way.
    Love those girls !