Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More hair at the mouse-house.

It's a little busier around the mouse-house today because of this guy.

He takes up a good portion of the mouse-house at 100 lbs. or so. He is part Bernese Mountain Dog, Black Lab & Pit-bull. 

                                  Bernese Mountain dog
                                       (from Swiss Alps)
He loves his kong with pb for a treat. This goes down to the garage.

"Geez...that was good."
This is Forrest, our grand-dog.

He'll be with us for a week.

She's the hostess with the mostess. ;-)

We had another snow storm all morning so I made a batch of home-made suet for my deserving birds because, well, you know I feel sorry for them in this weather. 
Once the storm stopped I cleaned off the closest feeder to the garage and watched the action for a bit.
Then the temps went up and it was a gorgeous day. Forrest loves the snow and couldn't wait to get a path blown out for him.
I expect to be playing in the snow a lot more this week. :)

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.
hugs, Deb


  1. He is cute and BIG!! Annie would love someone to play with. I'm 'thinking' about another cat, but the increase in cat hair is troublesome for my allergy prone family.

  2. "Run, Forrest...RUN!" Oh, that was from the movie Forrest Gump, but Forrest is a family name in The Hubby's clan. Your Forrest is a cutie, no matter what Audrey tells you.

  3. Forrest is a beautiful fellow! I'm sure it is keeping Audrey preoccupied and on guard for the week :) A good romp in the snow keeps the big guy clean and tired out for long naps in the mouse-house! A busy week for you. xo Karen

  4. Yesterday's post was so sweet and evoked a few tears. Today's post is all smiles except for your weather. Forest is a beautiful dog and I am sure it's quite a change when he is visiting. I always enjoy your photos. Such a treat. Hope you get lots of sunshine and some warmer temperatures. Here in Virginia, we are having a mild winter with roller coaster temps - 80 degrees last weekend and then dropped back into the 40s and 50s but back to 70s for the coming weekend. And only one snow thus far. Fingers crossed that we have an early spring.

  5. What a gorgeous pup!! I'm sure it's tough having a 100lb dog in your teeny tiny house though, wow! :) Have fun, Deb

  6. Forrest is such a cutie! I know, Audrey thinks otherwise.

  7. Forrest sure is a big shiny handsome dog. Looks like Audrey might be up close, talking in a low voice so Forrest won't hear her. She is so funny!

  8. Ha! Audrey's mad.
    Don't use natural peanut butter in the Kong. There's something poison to dogs in it (some substitute for the sugar in regular).

    1. I use the regular stuff and it's just a special treat. Not too often.

  9. That cat really is so pretty but them looks she gives look perfect for every comment that you make with her. The grand dog is very handsome!

  10. Isn't he beautiful! Love his shiny black coat!

  11. Sssshhhh don't tell Audrey but I think Forrest is very handsome ...

  12. Oh Audrey, your expressions crack me up! I'm sure Forrest will be a fun and loving guest. He is a beautiful boy! Audrey if you get under your blankets where you don't see him you can play like he's not there!

  13. Oh my, we used to have a part Bernese Mountain Dog! When we lost Kris my husband, especially, was heartbroken. No other dog could take his place so now we're just cat people (and goats and chickens and ducks).

  14. ohhh isn't she a blast! it almost looks like she is snorting there! (i can almost see the smoke) lol what a crack up!
    but forest is a very handsome boy indeed & yeh, don't feed them peanut butter, a carrot stick would be better for him to chew on. gosh, there's always something going on at the mouse house, never a dull moment there!
    hope the weather warms up for you soon
    thanx for sharing

  15. Forrest is a fine-looking fellow. Give me the cats or dogs who are a bit of this and a bit of that. But I can see how he'd take up a large chunk of the mouse-house; a fun guest nonetheless.

  16. Gorgeous (or maybe I should say handsome) and just huge! And Audrey -- my, she IS the hostest with the mostest -- NOT! If looks could kill!

  17. He's a beautiful boy, and a large boy !
    I'm surprised the cats tolerate a dog in the house, but then they were used to living with beautiful Kane.
    My Oliver would tolerate a dog, but Tom-Tilly would run it all over the house.....HER