Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dreary days of January

So far, January has not been bad, weather-wise. Oh, we've had the odd snow storm and there is lots of snow on the ground but the temperatures have been rising again and for that I give this month two thumbs up.
Any time it is above freezing for days at a time in our winter it is considered a good winter. But, I miss the sun-shine.

I told the girls that they won't be enjoying many sun-puddles in the next few days. Annie was fine with that and went right back to sleep. Audrey was mortified. It didn't help that I took her picture. hee hee.

She hates that.

"For heaven's sake, Audrey. That look could take paint off the wall."

The chickadees are sooooo adorable. 
(at our feeder this morning)
I wish I could keep them all and give them names. :) They love my suet but really go for sunflower seeds. And, they love when I stand at the feeders and talk to them. They are such friendly little things.

I am trying to identify these animal tracks that came up the drive-way and right up to the garage entrance door last night. 
(about 3" long)

The animal walked around the feeders and I expect helped itself to an apple. It could be a fisher, small coyote or a dog of some sort. I'm considering putting out a web cam to find out. We have at least two dogs that are missing in our area and flyers are out with the details. :( I hate to see that. I couldn't imagine the grief of losing a dog. I'll keep them in my prayers.

We have not seen sun for days now and it is getting to us. My walks are dreary and there are very few birds or turkeys about. I do miss the wild turkeys that always look like they are heading to an all-you-can-eat buffet. They are comic relief.

I'm looking forward to some brighter days.

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb


  1. I often wonder how you manage to stay chirpy with all that snow and cold, I would hate it.
    Love the little chickadees, they look somewhat like our blue tits but in mono colour.

  2. It's gloomy here today also, but rather warm, in the 40's. Wow, Audrey looks truly angry at something, ha ha!!

  3. It has been so terribly dreary Deb and looks to be all next week too. Thankfully some birds are around to brighten our days. That is quite the look Audrey gave you!

  4. That Audrey....what a hoot!!! We have the same weather, I'm just across the lake from you. Yes, it is dreary and no sun, but I am keeping very busy inside, and have many lights on and using candles to add a warm glow.

    Could that be a fox or coyote?? We have them here and also coy-dogs......they will attack dogs.

  5. I always "full-size" your photos, Deb, and when I got to the one of Audrey, I actually pulled back and laughed out loud! Do you not always just wonder what the heck is going through her mind! We had a kitty who didn't like her pic. taken either.
    If you find out what the paw prints belong to, be sure to post that--I'll be interested to know. Nebraska ><>

  6. No sun for several days gets to me also. It is rainy and stormy here today. I'm working on my spare room, getting it organized. It is making me feel so much better to be getting all this stuff done. Oh Audrey, those looks you give. Hugs!

  7. Dreary here too. We have had two sunny days lately but those were half days and now the rain is back. February is usually my hardest month to get through. I sure appreciate the comment above...I did not know your pictures could be enlarged. Now I want to go back and see them all enlarged. Your animals are so adorable. I'm always saying this, but that Audrey! Wouldn't these dreary days be even drearier without Audrey. :0 Hope you get a sunny day soon.

  8. It has been dreary all week here to and was dreary this morning with fog but then by noon till sun set we finally had sunshine YIPPEE ! The tracks look like they maybe from a dog as they are rounder looking and wider and short nailed where as a coyote will have a oval shape pad and a longer nail track . Hope you get sun shine soon it does make one feel better doesn't it ?! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Audrey is certainly a cat of many expressions! It has been dark and dreary here as well but cats can always brighten your day!

  10. I hope the sun shines soon. It's almost the love month!

  11. Audrey's expression always make me smile. Too bad about the missing dogs - its the not knowing that is so tough. Gail

  12. Hi Deb...
    Love those paintings of the birds in your kitchen...♥️
    no sun here either...very dreary indeed...fingers crossed for some sunshine...soon!
    enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  13. I was just saying to Gordon today how tired I am of all the grey weather!! This is what I hated about living in BC.

    On a brighter note (ha!) I love the way you decorate your mouse house. :)

  14. Audrey's look would go well on a poster for one of those melodramatic horror movies from the 1950s. Shudder...

  15. To me those tracks look like a raccoon. Google raccoon tracks in snow. One photo pops up that looks just like yours.

  16. That look could take paint off the wall...LOL! Yes, please put up a trail camera; I'm betting you'll get some great pics!

  17. The best part about being in Texas for a few days was sun and sometimes being out with just a sweater! Worked for me.

    Dear Audrey, don't you know that we will not drop dead with your hostile glance, try as you may? Give your mum a break and smile!