Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Facing winter and slowing down on the job.

I have made a new year's resolution but I am having trouble getting started. It is to walk more; every single day if possible BUT it has been freezing rain here and another resolution I made was to fall less so as to not break bones so it has been put on hold a few more days. I will get at it soon.

Morning at the mouse-house ... a few hungry mourning doves arrive at the feeding station. I hate to see the feeders covered in snow and will get out there to brush it all off after my first cup of coffee.
But I can't get over the beauty of it all.

Looks cold, doesn't it?

And another 'duty' I must fulfill is to serve up the stinky goodness for someone who will, and did, fling heavy dishes off the counter when I wasn't quick enough.
The retired guy asks, "how does she do that?"
I say, "with a joyful heart."

"What do you want from me? I have needs."

It is beginning to snow again. Oh, it is beautiful to see in the trees and across the land so I won't complain today. Everything looks clean and fresh and covered in glitter.

Winter in Ontario is a long and arduous time that we Canadians pull up our boot socks and face head on. :) We are used to the cold but love to complain. Other than head south what else can we do?

Next post I'll show you another easy way to feed your birds. *cheap, cheap*

hugs, Deb


  1. She does look soulful, that Audrey.
    We had a kitty who could rake a heavy jewelry box off the bedroom dresser at 5 a.m. Woke ya right up!
    Great snow pictures.
    Snowing and super cold here in Nebraska ><>

  2. The Audrey glare is priceless!

    I had a bad fall over the Christmas holidays... my hand's still bothering me.

    1. Sorry to hear that, William. I hope you had it looked at. Hopefully it is just bruised and needs time to recover. I do hope it heals soon.

  3. It was such a blustery day here in the 1/4 acre wood. The day before I sprinkled some seed under the everygreens as I know all my little birds hide there during such days as this. One of the fur girls has taken to jumping on the counter while I obviously am too slow with dishing out breakfast. Audrey - the season may be over but Santa still keeps a check list!

  4. Yup, same here in northeast NY....hunker down and get through it. I don't want to go's nice to be warm, but my family is here, my looms are just keeping warm, and busy

  5. Wonderful Deb ... I am having trouble keeping my resolution to exercise (walk) more due to the heat & the hot, hot sun !!! It seems we have the same problem for opposite reasons :-) Happy New Year to you Deb. I love visiting your blog. (p.s we in New Zealand quite like to complain about the weather also - I think it might perhaps be the same the world over)

  6. Your kitty is full of the devil. My kitty is getting pretty old and such a good girl. Now my puppy is another story, lol... I love my work space when it is snowy and cold outside. Hugs, LJ

  7. The same here in northwest NY....right across the lake from you!! It is winter after all, and I do love it......your pics are so pretty. Right now we are having the terrible winds, the noise is Annie is hiding under the covers!!

    So, that is her 'I mean business face'???

  8. Here it was a storm yesterday and today it's sunny and windy and COLD!!! I don't like Cold weather, it was below 10F this morning. I'm glad I was off work today, lol.
    That cat sure looks demanding. I'm not sure what he really wants, haha.
    Hope you have a great day and please - don't fall. It's very slippery here too!
    Love Elzie

  9. Of course you have 'knees' Audrey.....!!! :).
    Oh! 'Needs'.. Sorry...!!! =(^..^)=
    HeHe! :0).
    Cats have knees on their back legs and have elbows on their front legs, so they have two knees and two elbows. If you're arguing from a functional standpoint, however, you can argue they have knee- and elbow~like joints on each leg, which makes for four knees and four elbows.
    Complicated...Paws for thought me thinks...! :0).

  10. I love glimpses of the mouse house.
    Audrey is a pistol for sure. Adorable, too.
    We have heaps of snow in Denver, too.
    It's a lap day for Timothy the spoiled darling.

  11. Wonderful time! Love the snow! God bless your joyful heart!

  12. cheeky Audrey!
    beautiful photos of your winter wonderland there, we are getting some nice rain & much need cool here after the heat (queensland australia) good soaking rain too, 3 days now :))
    you could always take a walk around the mouse house a few times, at least you'd be moving & staying warm too! good luck
    thanx for sharing

  13. "clean and fresh and covered in glitter"...oh, I love that description! I'm watching big flakes fall right now. So lovely, relaxing and wonderful! Yay!

    That Audrey! She isn't lacking in the personality department, that is for sure! haha...

  14. Hi Deb, sorry it's taken me so log to get here! Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my lovely hometown photos! Bringing the beastly cold home from Europe has taken its toll, especially as I passed it to Bob (we share everything, haha!) and we are only now beginning to feel better. . . . . and just in time to welcome snow perhaps this weekend! The heavy sweaters, thick jackets, waterproof boots and gloves are are hand - the birdseed box is stocked and ready - and I'll be out there with the camera, hopefully gathering photos of nature's beauty in the snow!

    Do take care on the walks dear - not worth putting one's self at risk of falling on ice. Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you and your lovely family, may this be a great year for all.
    Hugs - Mary

  15. So pretty Deb but cold!! I've started calling my Annie 'racecat' since she loves to run end to end of the house. So cute and she is a blessing to my heart. Hugs.

  16. The woods in winter are indeed beautiful. I miss them. Though I too complain about the cold and snow, I could never go to the U.S. for more than a quick visit. I have to stay in Canada.

    Cats and their tempers... They can be the most patient of creatures - and the most impatient. I expect nothing less from Audrey!

  17. Audrey, you are a tough taskmaster! It snowed last night when I was outside feeding The 'O' Cats, and I stood still to listen. Magical!

  18. You are very stoic! Living in the South, I feel like a wimp compared to you, but I think we may get a taste of the "white stuff" this week if that storms doesn't make a turn to head north! Stay warm, my friend, XOXO

  19. Tell sweetest Audrey that we all have needs. And a little warmth wouldn't hurt!

    It does look beautiful but if it is as cold there as here it is definitely not a good outside day!

  20. Well, if you decide to head south, bring the crew and come our way. It really is beautiful there, and you do have Audrey to keep you busy. Folks around here are excited. The weatherman says we will get 4 to 6 inches of snow, starting Friday night and snowing into Saturday. Trouble is, most of the time they are wrong when it comes to snow and we all end up disappointed, especially the children, (and Poppy and Eli).

  21. We are in the same boat, winter sister!! Happy new year to you and all your sweet and sassy critters!

  22. You sure have had a brutal time so far...
    I have been much luckier here...and I have been walking and back to fitness!
    It does look pretty though!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  23. Lovely photos . It is windy and cold here but just a dusting of snow is on the ground. Today and all weekend we have sunshine which is nice to see. Miggs and I get out as much as we can for our walks as it hasn't been to bad on the roads . The feeders have been busy here to . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend and stay cozy .