Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Favorite little bread plates

It was good to see Annie playing with her toys today. This is the first time I noticed her being playful since Lily died. The sun was shining through the windows and leaving sun-puddles in every room for the cats. I think, that alone, cheered her up and gave her more energy.
She took advantage of a puddle soon after she wore herself out.

I just love that little peachy nose.
I have been spending a lot more time with Annie the last few days.
She is loving the extra attention. I gave her a massage today and she slept for hours after. Not that that is anything odd for a cat. haha! 

I've been alone for a few days so I baked up more apple-sauce oatmeal cookies; some for me and some for the freezer. 
Nothing goes better with a hot cup of tea.

Packing is a great way to come across some items you have not seen for awhile. These were always my favorite little bread plates.
This time I packed them away in the bin marked 'kitchen' so I'll be sure to unpack them and use them more often at the mouse house.

                              The little pottery mug was a find at our local thrift shop.
                                         I can never have too many pottery mugs.
                                                They are all pieces of art to me.

"Oh, Mr. Sunshine you are so welcomed today.  Annie & I hope to see more of you this week."

The electrician finished up at our property today. It was a cold day but he didn't seem to mind working outside a bit. We finally got our indoor lights, garage lights and motion detectors up.

"Thank you very much."
Now if we could just find our 'ever-elusive inspector' for the last inspection.

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  1. Hi Deb.....
    You answered my question about the inspector....
    Love those plates...perfect for cookies...and tea of course!
    Glad Annie is feeling better...
    Enjoy your evening...
    Is the Retired guy sleeping at the Mouse House?
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda - I knew you'd love those plates. :)) You'll have to visit sometime and have some cookies on them. The retired-guy had to attend a funeral in Kitchener for his cousin's wife. Very sad...only 58 (cancer). Hope you are feeling better now.

    2. I would LOVE to have tea with you...
      Kitchener is about 45 minutes from my house..if you are ever up...let me know!
      58....oh dear....too young...
      I am 65 today....yikes! Me? Never would believe it........

  2. How nice that you gave Annie more attention; you are both grieving. Love the birdy plates...can't wait to see more birds around here, which means Spring is coming!

  3. Annie in the sunlight is so sweet. Glad she is feeling more playful. It's hard losing a member of the family. Love Love those little bird plates! Stay warm and fingers crossed that inspector shows up soon!


  4. A massage and a long nap. Aw. That must have made her feel wonderful!

    Very cute fun to have them seem new again!

  5. Annie's quite beautiful in that sunlight.

  6. The cookies look delicious and I love the little bird plates.The sun feel extra warm on leather...a good place for Annie.

  7. Happy to hear Annie has perked up. The sun definitely is a healing power! Love those birdy bread plates. Congrats on the Electric~

  8. Deb, so sorry to hear that Lily died! Your cookies look so good and I love, love those bird bread plates. I have a bit of a bird fetish. How exciting to get one more thing done! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Thank you for telling us how Annie is doing. I have been thinking of her and hoping she was coming back to herself. She sure is a sweetie. It was wonderful to hear that you have been giving her some extra attention, even though you said you would be, and even a massage today. Bless you and the sun puddles for helping her feel better. Such a little love she is.

    Your house is just too exciting for me! I am loving it for you!


  10. Annie is such a sweet heart. I'm glad she enjoyed playing with some toys and had a nice sun puddle nap.
    Your plates are so cute.
    Those cookies look so good.

  11. Awww sweet little Annie must be sad to have lost her buddy. Love your bird plates too.

  12. I am glad that Annie is doing a little better. xx

  13. I bought those plates for someone's birthday once and wish I'd kept them! They're so cheery -- I love 'em. Glad Annie is doing better. I know she's loving the extra attention!

  14. These are too darling Deb! I adore anything with birds! And those cookies....yum-oh!

  15. I love those dear little plates! Perfect for a couple of those delicious-looking cookies and a mug of tea! It's been so long since we have had sun, I don't know that the cats would know what to do with sun puddles!

  16. It must be exciting and sad at the same time as moving day approaches. I was given good advice about moving: make the bed first. You won't want to work all day moving, unpacking and storing, only to discover, when exhausted, that you still have to make the bed.

  17. What great plates for the mouse house. I am looking for ward to having tea with some lovely cookies on them.
    Glad to see Annie starting to be herself ..... must be so hard for them to understand when their friend has just gone away.. :(

    Stay warm .....

  18. Annie is such a dear kitty. We hope she isn't missing her dear friend too much. All of the extra physical contact should help a bit. She was always so close to Lily.