Sunday, February 1, 2015

More on the Mouse House & a wonderful cause.

Last week was a busy one of sanding and painting and it's not over yet. I decided I wanted the bedroom to be the same colour I painted our room in our present home so that will be done today. Women can change their mind, right? The doors were hung and fixtures installed. The kitchen cupboards will be hung today and then it's time to clean up the mess, call in the electrician once more and have the final inspection. That can take a day or a week...hard to grab these inspectors when you want them.

In the mean-time, we'll just continue improving this small space to make it as comfortable as possible.


Kane spent the day there getting used to the apt. It was his first time upstairs and after a few minutes of pacing he had a snack and settled to watch the goings-on around him. A move is never easy for anyone, including animals, so the more time he spends there the better, I hope. He will have 2 acres now to roam around and keep his muscles and joints working as he continues to age. He is 14 1/2 years now.

The feeders were very active last week. Lets see, I saw chickadees, sparrows, gold finch, blue-jays, mourning dove, wood-peckers, white-breasted and red-breasted nut-hatch, and the ever-entertaining crow. Not too many squirrels were spotted as I expect many are staying in their nests inside the trees with this cold snap we have here. They do not hibernate like a bear would but they do stay in-active during the coldest periods of our winter.

Home-made Suet

A Blue-jay taken through the kitchen window.
It's a fair piece to the feeders from here (across the drive-way) so I will be hanging some close to the house once we are there.
Mostly for the cat's entertainment.

The lovely Mourning Dove.
We are certainly enjoying all the sun-shine.

The wind is blowing and the temperature is a frosty -19C today.

Time for a hot tea and a few of those apple-sauce cookies. "Yes, you'll get one, too, Kanie."

I'd like to send you over now to meet 4 darling cats that need our help. Please read the story on these dumpster cats and if you can help to send them to Canada just by making a donation to the cause, please do. Joan and Natalie are wonderful people who are trying to get a better life for 4 deserving, young and healthy cats.  You will love Joan's photos and her huge heart.

Thank you and
stay toasty,


  1. I'm amazed that your workers, including hubby, can work in such cold conditions - I see little space heaters on the floor! All seems to be moving along quickly which is awesome.

    Kane seems content - hope he found a warm spot on the floor. Sweet birds - love the Mourning dove. They are certainly fed well so you will always have them visiting Deb.

    Off to read the kitty story now.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Thanks for the update on the mouse-house! Sounds like it won't be long now. You mentioned that Kane just got to check it out recently. How do you think the cats will take to the new environment?

  3. Things are really taking shape :)
    Looks good too.
    Love the bird pics, they look happy.
    Stay warm!

  4. Thanks so much for the kind mention Deb. I truly hope you get to meet the four. I'm just getting to know them a little more and it's just unbelievable to think such sweetness has lived by the dumpster for more than four months. xo

    1. OOOO! Deb, I suspect the cats won't be here before March. YOu need to do a road trip to come see us all!!

  5. I know you're excited to see those kitchen cupboards go in! I always think that defines the space so much and starts to look like a real room.

    going to visit the other know I'd take them if they were here. What's 4 more when you have 14? haha.

  6. The mouse house is looking good! Won't be long now. I know moves are hard for our pets! I need to get a bird feeder for in front of my window so Charlie can watch! I'll go visit and see if I can help those sweet cats!

  7. Mouse House looking good!
    Love the tub tucked in under the wall...adorable!
    When you move in...the birds will be SOOOO happy!
    Snowing again here....geesh!
    Happy February!!
    Linda :o)

    gonna go have a peek at the kitties!

  8. Wow, progress has been made ... amazing how quickly things seem to fall into place. But yes, I know, it is a lot of work and I don't envy you that. I love that you are allowing Kane to get used to his new surroundings grandually ... that is thoughtful of you. And, he will adapt fine because of it. Actually, he will probably be happy wherever YOU are. How about the kitties, do they get a turn in the mouse house ... of course, if they can see the birds out the window they will acclimate quickly. Everything is looking good, Deb ... I am happy for you.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Your new place is looking just beautiful! I think you are going to enjoy living there. Everything you do is very special...all the bird feeders. You make a little haven for all your animals. I meant to leave a comment earlier but went to "Gods little people" to see the kittens and forgot to come back. Thanks!

  10. It looks like it's going to be a great place, Deb. Your bird photos are wonderful. Kane is such a pretty dog. I'm off to see the cats. Hope you have a great week. ~ Nancy

  11. Checking out the link shortly...

    It's easier to bring Kane over to get used to the place and the work being done. The cats will be another story altogether!

  12. The Mouse House is really coming together...I LOVE it!

  13. you have a beautiful blog,thank-you for dropping by,I am going to have to follow you now as we have similar interests! Phyllis

  14. The Mouse House is coming along nicely! Not too much longer look like. Hoping for a smooth move... for your furry friends, too. blessings ~ tanna