Sunday, February 15, 2015

More on 'the mouse-house'.

Valentine's Day has come and gone once again. Around here, even the cats requested a little red in their day.

Today it is so cold...."how cold", you ask. Well, let's just say I raise my tea-cup full of steaming hot chamomile tea with organic honey to whoever invented thermal long-underwear. :)

Heading out to feed the birds.
I have a pesky 'murder of crows' at the feeders but it was so darn cold today that I gladly fed them. They are gluttons and will keep the other birds away while they eat.
Here they are feasting on sunflower seeds.
No doubt this was the coldest day yet and still the chickadees, nuthatch, blue-jays, sparrows and woodpeckers arrived for some food.

Here are a few more photos of the goings-on at the mouse-house over the last few weeks.

Hanging lights

Adding some tongue and groove to the sitting area.
Well, we've got to snazz up the place somehow.
Kane snoopervising. :)

The crew have been keeping Timmy's in business.
I'm sure I've thrown out a hundred of these cups.
So far we've won a doughnut and coffee. No car. :(

Hanging the second door.

Hanging cupboards and fixtures. 
The little kitchen is inside the dormer.
The window looks out to the feeders.
Wow...these men are messy.

This will be the dining corner.
I'll have to figure out how to squeeze visitors in to enjoy a cup of tea.

Am I boring you yet? Lots more photos to come as rooms were completed.

After a long day at the property, I lay at the fire with Annie tonight. She was spotted washing Audrey today so I believe her days are getting better and life carries on. She has always been rather clingy with me but now she wants to sit on my knee the second I sit. My son dropped by this morning and she immediately jumped up on his knee and got comfy for the visit. He sat and stroked her gently and she cuddled right in.

I think our move will be good for this wonderful cat.
A new adventure. She'll be so busy investigating that she'll not have time to miss her friend.

                                                Wait 'til she sees all the birdies.
Stay toasty,


  1. I'm not bored yet! I love to see the pictures and how everything is coming along. Reminds me of our reno last October! It does eventually get done and living in it when it's all finished is a wonderful thing!

  2. Looks like the reno is coming along fine. I have a tiny place and use some industrial metal stools around the house. They make good extra seating, small bedside tables and can be stacked up out of the way when not needed.

  3. Not bored! loving seeing the 'new nest' take shape and hearing about the cats of course! xx

  4. There's no way I'm bored with this wonderful project and your sweet felines and birds. I love visiting here.


  5. Your Mouse House is looking delightful. You planned your space well!
    The crows must be hungry because they don't come so close to houses and people unless they are desperate.
    Oh, that dear little Annie face! She is the sweetest looking kitty. I'm glad she is finding comfort with you and your family and the oter kitties. She's a dear little one!

  6. No, no not boring! Love seeing the Mouse House come together, and looking forward to when you move in. Love the little wagon with kittens!! I think your cozy space will be beautiful!!
    Good to hear Annie is doing better.

  7. These sights are so familiar to me..The weather for one..:) But the building of a home..also..
    It will be lovely Deb:)
    Don't worry about squeezing in guests..they are not there every day with would be thinking..we don't need this size..we should have built smaller:)

  8. Deb, I love hearing all about the coming together of the adorable 'mouse house', perhaps you don't even realize how much love comes through your words and pics as you share this project with us. Just seeing your always sweet smile, reading the words about your much loved kitties is wonderful, and you stay so positive despite the teeth chattering cold this winter is throwing at you all up north! I feel like mailing you my Canada Goose Antarctica parka - however when the blast comes through North Carolina later today I admit I may need to wear it myself (so glad I kept it after the journey to the bottom of the world!), here inside the house, we're shivering this morning, haha!

    Keep the stories coming - feed the birds and squirrels, snuggle with the kitties and keep brewing the tea - I will enjoy reading about it all. Now if only we could sit together and enjoy a cuppa.
    Here's to being toasty!!
    Love, Mary

  9. I'd love that, Mary. Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. Pack that insulation in there! We're having the same weather you are having! Keep cozy -- hard as it might be these days!

  11. Love the upper cupboards, and I'm a sucker for wood tongue-and-groove anywhere. The kittens in the wagon artwork is just adorable! Glad that Annie is distracting herself; she's got a whole new world to explore.

  12. I love hearing and seeing the progress at the the mouse house! It's one of the things I love about your blog, how you share your life and family with us. Sweet Annie, I'm glad she is getting some extra snuggles.

  13. Love seeing the progress on all fronts! I would happily move into your mouse house, it's so gorgeous.

  14. Kane looks like he takes the supervising job quite seriously.

  15. I enjoy every one of your posts. Love the updates on the Mouse House and the cats and dog. Could never be boring. Wishing you much happiness on your new property!

  16. Your kitchen is so cute! I love it.
    Hugs to your sweet Annie.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of your mouse house.

  17. What a cute cat photo! And no, I'm not bored either. I love construction. Progress. :-) it will be fun to see the pictures.

  18. Hello Deb, your cats are all so beautiful but I just adore the markings on Sierra.

  19. Deb, I have been reading your posts for several years and have never been bored! Can't even imagine it!

    I loved the photo of you all bundled up ready to brave the cold to feed the flock! It is adorable! Those birds must love you by now!

    Hugs to sweet Annie. I hope your move does do good things for her. What a love she is. Wish I could provide her a lap of comfort tonight. *sigh*

    Love to all,

  20. Hi Deb....
    I am really enjoying your journey to the Mouse House...
    The Retired Guy sure is handy...lucky you!
    Before you know it...Spring will be here, and we'll be planning our summer baskets!
    Spoke with all my kids this aft....kinda teared up....what a sap I am!
    Miss V can spell her name♥️
    How are your grand kiddies doing?
    I feel like I have been away 4ever!
    Stay toasty....
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda - Planning summer baskets sounds like a dream. :) Honestly, Linda, I don't remember it ever being this cold before. But then again I am getting old and forgetful. My grandittles are all fine. Saw them over the weekend. Riley can count in french now better than I can. She'll be 5 in May. Bradley is talking in sentences now (he's 2 1/2) and Gwynn is learning to colour. She's 17 months now. They're all adorable. Enjoy your holiday.

    2. The illness is overshadowing everything...
      Now...the boyfriend is in bed....geesh!
      Think I may have to see a Dr...and....perhaps come home....
      We'll see....