Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sharing a sun-puddle.

This photo was taken in 2012.
My three beautiful cats, Lily, Sierra and Ed making the best of one sun-puddle; squeezing every bit of warmth from it's rays. I remember taking this photo like it was yesterday. Now, only Sierra remains with us and she is once again soaking up the sun on this cold, wintry day.


A fresh blanket of snow covers our ground today. Lots of shoveling to do once again.
The feeders were filled to the brim at the mouse house yesterday. Fresh suet offered up.
The feeders were very active with chickadees, blue-jays, woodpeckers, gold finch, sparrows, nuthatch and the bold black crows. One lonely squirrel joined in mid-day.

                                    Woodpecker with beak bursting with sunflowers

                                       The sweet little Chickadee at a suet cage.

It will be one of the coldest nights so far this year.
I hope everyone stays warm
& toasty.



  1. That woodpecker just makes me laugh! He looks so fat! haha.
    Very cold here, too!

  2. The windchill is wicked tonight...stay cosy.
    Jane x

  3. It really felt when the sun had gone down that the temps plummeted.

  4. What a wonderful photo of Lily, Sierra and Mr. Ed. I am so glad they had that day of warmth and love with you.

    Keep warm up there!


  5. Wow, three cats in one sunpuddle! I think that's a record. Adorable photo, too

  6. Aw Aunt Debs, we wish we kitties could send you some of our HOT sunshine. We've moved to F A R place and it's very hot here. Our Mum loves your birds but we're told not to catch any here in our new garden. That's going to be difficult... Purrs, Ginger, Ambrose and Ginger (ex Tanzanian Trio- now Marquard (South African) Moggies)

  7. It looks warm and cozy there with the three cats. I know you miss the two. Your posts are always warm and friendly.

  8. Sweet memory! Charlie loves his sun puddles also. Hugs to you and the kitties, stay warm.


  9. So nice to see the photo of the three cats together. I know it makes you and Sierra sad to think of them being gone. Stay warm and cozy. Cold is even here in the south now but no snow - yet.

  10. Sunpuddles... cute name. Here we call them sunspots and they are equally popular among my 5 cats. Our master bedroom is on the south side, so the best sun spots in the morning are on our bed. The cats all vie for the best spot and I always go in and check that the blinds are turned *just so* so that they get the most sun. Yes, they train us well.

  11. I thought the photograph of the woodpecker showed that you'd put up a calendar to remind them how short a time it is until spring...

    I remember seeing that picture of Lily, Sierra and Ed when you published it initially. How the good times fly by...

  12. Lovely photo(s) dear Deb. I'm sorry I'm late commenting especially with condolences for the loss of sweet Lily - life has been just crazy with so many medical appts. etc.
    I'm going to be catching up soon - we're readying for the Arctic blast, and possibly snow early week, so I may have to stay here at the screen to catch up with so many lovely friends!
    Happy Valentine's Day - may it be just one day where we can eat chocolate and not feel too guilty.
    Love, Mary

  13. Happy Valentine's Day! Love your 'flashback photo"