Monday, February 9, 2015

We are in for a 'snowy' week.

Although it seems like it has snowed for two months in our area, we expect to see a lot more before it's over. The sound of snow-plows rumbling up our streets is what wakes you early on this Monday morning.  I wonder as I gaze out the window if I will always think of Lily when I see the fresh-fallen snow on the ground. I hope to never forget the feel of her soft white coat and the sound of her gentle purr. I should be so thankful for the time I had with her but's hard when they leave us.

Yesterday we dropped by our property to deliver a fridge and for me to fill the feeders once again. I won't be going out for a few days now so it was good to have a chance to do that. It's time to finish up some stuff at home.

I had lots of visitors while filling the trays and feeders. I noticed how chubby the Mourning Doves look lately. It could be that they are just puffed up because of the cold. They do eat a lot, though. One stays very still while I work around and seems to be quite comfortable with me there.

There were Chickadees, Tree Sparrows, Goldfinch, Nuthatch, Mourning Doves, Blue-jays, Woodpeckers, a gorgeous female Cardinal & the comedy trio of Black Crows. 

                                                    Mourning Dove and Sparrow


Joe's been helping me around the house this morning.

He's offered to flatten the tissue paper for me before I use it to wrap some dishes.

Ever so helpful when he's not kickin' up dust.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments. It is so comforting to know that others can understand this kind of loss and your words really are so appreciated and comforting. When Spring finally arrives, we will have Lily laid to rest beside her Ed. Two of the finest cats that ever lived.

 Stay toasty,


  1. OH, DEB! I'm so sorry to hear about little Lily! My heart just aches for you and tears are falling right now. It's just been about a month since my little Chloe Dawn passed. These little animals are just our babies and you'll be in my prayers.
    Shelia ;)

  2. Snowy days so keep warm. I know this is a hard time. We love our little guys so much and it's hard when they leave us, but I wouldn't miss having them in our lives!

  3. Aren't cats helpful? I can see Joe helping you flatten the paper you're wrapping with. Mine help me with my quilting by lying on the pieces of fabric as I try to piece them together or yesterday Julie insisted on helping me underglaze some of my pottery pieces by sniffing the brush as I worked. DH said it was my own fault since I was working so close to Julie's spot... (but it was the only place where I had good light). Besides, I don't mind her helping - as long as she doesn't get the notion to swat the piece off the table.

  4. The pain can last so Sam passed 2 years ago, and I still miss him. He was the most affectionate cat I've ever had, and he followed me everywhere. Up and down the stairs, even when he was so sick and weak from the diabetes, it pained me so much to see him suffer. At night I still feel him jump on my bed, letting me know he misses me too!!! Best wishes to you.......more snow on the way for us too......xoxoxo

  5. It looks like you've got quite a lot of company at those feeders. And Joe is ever helpful.

  6. So sorry for your loss, Deb. We lost two last year and I am still hurting. On another note...wish you could send some snow our way. I don't think far-southern Kansas has had but a couple inches all winter! We could stand a good storm, and stay home from work a couple days!!

  7. Deb, I am so sorry to hear about Lily. It is just so heartbreaking. We need to remember the joy they bring us.....I don't understand why their lifespan is so short compared to ours. I just isn't fair. Big hugs,

  8. So sorry for your loss. Ed and Lily had a wonderful life with you and your family.

  9. Thank god you have Joe to help.....hahaha!
    Stay toasty..
    Linda :o)

  10. I've come to believe that our family and friends, including cats!...never leave us. They are here, still, just in another we cannot always see. Lily will be with you forever, and you'll see her again.

  11. What a nice picture of Lily and Joe. Such wonderful cats.

  12. So sorry for your loss. Both my dog and cat are getting up there. I am hoping they will stick around a while more. Good Golly, how we get attached to our pets.

  13. I love it when the birds fluff out all puffy like that! That dove is a nice that she doesn't mind you getting close!

  14. Lovely to have all those birdies about isn't it ? It is hard when we loose and pet they really are part of the family ! Lovely photos . We have had snow , rain , freezing rain and back to snow again looks like a on and off snowy week for us to down here ! Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  15. So on sorry for your loss. Mr. Ed and Lily had a wonderful life with you and your family.

  16. Yes, I think you will always remember Beautiful Lily when the fresh snow falls and that you will remember how wonderful her fur was. But it is good to know that the memories will become more full of happiness and less painful. Time does help us, huh.

    I have special memories of a tiny little girl who would lay in the mini daffodils each spring and peek out from among them to see us. Every year I think of her when they bloom. Saturday was the 2nd anniversary of her leaving us and the daffodils are just breaking through the ground. I told them that again this year she would not be with them but that we all can be so happy for a long while she was.

    I think I mislead them some... for their sake, of course, as I am not yet done with the missing of her and may never be completely. But they needed to be joyful and not sad as they come to bloom again this year.

    For Beautiful Lily and My Sweet Baby two hearts, ❤ & ❤, and much love.

    Thank you for the lovely photos of Joe. He is such a sweet faced guy. Hugs to him.

    Love and Caring to you, Deb,

  17. I just read about Lily-bug and am saddened by your loss.

  18. Hope you can get your "photobucket" photos fixed, so I can see your beautiful photos.

  19. I'm not sure what has happened with seeing your photos, Deb... they are type about Photobucket??? I know they were beautiful; they always are. We have some puffy dove, too! They have been enjoying their meals. ;)

    Lily was a lucky lady. blessings ~ tanna

  20. I hope you can sort out your pictures, I just had a picture incident myself, it isn't nice is it. xx