Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mr. Weatherman...please don't let me down.

                                          White-breasted Nuthatch
                                    a flock of sparrows

It was time to get the drive-way ready for the moving truck. We have already had one worker's truck stuck in the snow this week so, being very mild at -5C (yesterday), it was time to really clean it out. We have been waiting for the port-a-potty to be picked up for over a week now. Funny how you looooooooooove it when you need it and haaaaaaaaaaaate it when you are done with it. 

The retired--guy has proved to be quite the plumber over the last few weeks. He's a pretty handy guy; door and cupboard-hanger, painter, wood-worker and now plumber. He never ceases to amaze me at what he can turn his hand to.
You can see the nice tiling job our construction men did. I'm really pleased with our teeny-weeny bathroom. If you are a tall visitor I apologize ahead of time since you will most likely bang your head in there.
The mouse-house has a new resident. And she's dressed for winter.
Thanks, Susan from for Audrey's...ahem! I little mouse.
I sat Audrey down tonight and explained the change that is about to happen in her life.
I hope this goes well. I'd hate for her to be plotting a revenge on us.
She'll be fine, I think. Once she recuperates.

The weather has changed again. It's freezing tonight and snow is coming. The prediction for this weekend, though, is milder with sun. I hope the weatherman knows how I'm counting on this.

Stay toasty,


  1. Hope the weather cooperates for you! Am sure Audrey will adjust; look at all the great Bird TV she'll get.

  2. Fingers crossed (frozen fingers crossed).
    The good thing about the cold and snow? There'll be no muddy bootprints on your new floors!!
    Jane x

  3. LOL!! Poor Audrey! She looks like she fainted at the news!

  4. As I write this, Audrey is plotting revenge.

  5. Oh, good luck!!!! Cheer up Audrey, you're gonna love it at the Mouse HOuse!!!

  6. Oh! Your bathroom tile is gorgeous! I love what you chose and it is installed beautifully! You must be very pleased.

    Poor little AA Puss. She is doing a very good "cat on it's head" though!

    Best wishes for the weather to be helpful! I will be thinking of you.


  7. Adorable mouse
    Fingers crossed re the move

  8. Cute little mouse for the mouse house! Hang in there ... spring has to arrive one day!!! Hugs and purrs to all.....

  9. HAHAH, Audrey looks reasonably devastated! She's so cute!

  10. I don't know how in the world you are doing all this work in the frigid cold. (I'm surprised the porta potty hasn't frozen -- or maybe it has!) Nice to see signs of it all coming together!

  11. keep inside and warm!
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Oh I hope you have a sunny, warmer weekend. You guys have worked so hard in the cold and snow. I love your new bathroom. The mouse is perfect!

  13. Glad things are going good in the move hope the weather your way picks up for the big move ! I bet the kitties will love it at the new house as they will realize there are lots of birdies to watch . Lovely photos and cute mousy . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  14. We hope your move goes smoothly. Poor Audrey - she has no idea what lies ahead!