Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick at the feeders.

Today was spent at our property again finishing up some fiddly stuff, painting the bedroom (again) and installing some bathroom fixtures.
We are still waiting on the electrician to do the final hook-up of everything and the inspector to do the final inspection. It is so cold here again that the siding on the coach-house will have to wait. We did pick out the garage lights which will be installed by the electrician if he ever gets out there.

I took this photograph from the kitchen window looking down to the feeders. They are all tucked in amongst the Fir trees and too far to really enjoy from the house. I can see the birds but for the warmer days I have placed some benches amongst the trees. There was no sitting around today. As soon as I am settled I will add some feeders close to our garage where the cats and I can enjoy bird-tv from inside where it's warm.
The birds were happy to see me arrive today. Chickadees are quite vocal when their feeders are low and you appear before them with an armful of various seeds, peanuts and fruit.
Chubby little Chickadee

They carry on quite a conversation with you if you stay quite still and slowly fill the feeders.   It was so cold today that your fingers would freeze and fall off in seconds so filling the feeders was a chore and no time to photograph the birds. But today I spotted Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Tree Sparrows, White-breasted Nut-hatch & a new visitor I will have to photograph hopefully tomorrow if it returns and then I'll do some research.
                                                 I am FROZEN here.
                                                      to. the. bone.

In two days, four suet bars were eaten and the feeders completely emptied all but some mixed seed. Zowie - these guys are hungry. I headed into what will soon be our new town and filled up on seed and suet to have on hand at the carriage house. Boy, will this store get to love me. They'll know me by my first name in no time. :) They had a well-stocked bird section and bulk seed for sale which I prefer to the bagged stuff. Lots of suet, too.
They'll just have to have the commercial bars this week as there is no extra time allotted for home-made.  I'd better not find any birds picketing when I arrive.

Tomorrow will be a little warmer so perhaps I'll catch that new visitor in a photo for you. Right now I want a cup of hot tea while someone is off in lala land.

Stay toasty,


  1. A hot cup of tea would do nicely given the chill of the day. I'm sure the birds do appreciate it!

  2. You look frozen! Your little red nose! Oh my!

  3. What a nice view from your kitchen window.
    Love the fluffed up chickadee =)
    Hi Audrey!!

  4. I'm guessing the birds love the new 'chick' in town!
    Jane x

  5. Aw, Audrey looks adorable in snoozeland! It really is obnoxiously cold out there, but it's already a few days into February. Can't wait for the first signs of Spring.

  6. Awesome! I loved the view from the kitchen window and the assortment of cute things on the sill, too! It is going to be home! Wonderful!

    I hope the weather warms a little for you and that the electrician and inspector can finish up!


  7. We can barely keep our feeders full and our temps are rather mild this year, I can just imagine how hungry the birds near you must be, and also how many bird families you're keeping alive. You will have a wonderful amount of birds come spring & summer, and lots of new visitors. It is going to be exciting to see the new birds you're attracting.

    I really think cats are the very best at napping of any creature . Wish I cold sleep as comfortably & soundly as they do.

  8. You do look cold there, Love the cute chickadee and the sweet kitty. I am sure the birds appreciate the food..Have a happy day!

  9. You look so cold. I 'almost' feel guilty for sitting here at my computer in short sleeves, capri jeans and bare feet. No heater or a.c. on, it's just right in here. At 5:51 EST it is 68 and feels like it is 64. Warmer than yesterday morning which was 53 and felt like it was 49. Rain is predicted for this afternoon through tomorrow, time will tell. We do need the rain.

    As always, Audrey looks like she has it made. :-)

    I love seeing and reading about your birds.


  10. Not much that's cuter than a fat little chickadee.
    And there's nothing like a curled up cat to illustrate cozy.

  11. Love that you include us in your goings on. TY. Aren't chickadees just the cutest? They are such hearty little souls. I think your new digs are looking quite fine!