Monday, February 2, 2015

Longing for colour

Aren't we all longing for colour these days with winter hanging on past it's welcome?

I know I am.

Six more weeks to go. Will we make it? Maybe with lots of tea we will.

My eyes go right to objects of yellow, orange, blues and pinks. I even dug out a pretty tea-cup to use today just to cheer me up.

She was made in England and is a Wade Heath creation.
I found her alone in a thrift-shop.
She now sits proudly in my step-back cupboard
and feels like she is finally home.

I'm joining Sandi at for Tea-time Tuesday.

Stay toasty,


  1. I read of a harlequin tea seat in an Agatha Christie short story once, and have always wanted to get one - preferably a whole harlequin dinner service; plenty of motley colours.

  2. What a pretty teacup it is Deb! I agree with you on tea. It always helps to drink lots of it for comfort :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  3. Love your teacup, and the cute milk bottle as well. I too am looking forward to spring. Blessings, Beth

  4. I do love a pretty chintz cup and this one is gorgeous!

  5. Your pretty teacup definitely brings cheeriness during these snow days.

  6. Like you Deb, I shall be pleased to see an end to the winter even though we don't get it as bad as you do. Love the pretty little cup and saucer but loved the look of the piece of cake even more. lol

  7. Love your chintz teacup, Deb! Those lovely colours would perk anyone up. Yes, we're pretty tired of winter. The last week has been bad for us and we are going to get hit with a whopper in the next hour or so. Really dreading it! Hope we don't lose our power. I am delighted you have joined me for tea today. The little milk bottle is adorable too, by the way.


  8. you can't beat Chintz for a cheerful tea cut design.

  9. What a lovely cup! I know the stress of moving so I'm glad you are making sure to take time for tea and yourself!

  10. Well...with that sweet tea cup, with the daisies...
    And a slice of that delicious cake...we might just make it!
    Don't be looking for any colour over at mine...
    We are solid white!!
    Stay warm Deb...4 days and counting...second by second
    Linda :o)

  11. Don't you find the neatest things at thrift shops...and wonder how something as pretty as your teacup got there.

  12. What a pretty tea cup ...wish I had some papers just like that for making origami ornaments. For my Easter Tree...which I have decided I am having this year. Yep...and Easter brighten the wintery day. although, here in Calgary..we get plenty of winter sun at least..... even at -30C....

  13. I think I'm the only one enjoying winter. haha. I do love it...the more snow the better! But then, grey is my favorite color, so go figure!

    Your teacup is lovely!

  14. A pretty teacup, especially the butterflies in the pattern.

  15. Quite a pretty teacup!

    I see I'm not the only one who loves winter, from Betsy's remark.

  16. She is a cheery teacup ,the bright flowers and colors and even the butterfly is a reminder of spring.

    A snowy day indoors sipping tea from your teacup sounds very cozy.

  17. Such a pretty little cup! Enjoy your touch of Spring!


  18. Love the teacup and the milk bottle with cat on it. We got 18" of new snow last night and today with blizzard type winds. I LOVE it..........I sat for a long time watching it from my windows with Annie......I even opened one window to let a little snow come in and a wisp of fresh air.....she was very funny trying to scoop it up!!!

    Embrace winter.........that's why I have a lot of reds and blues in my home......we have at least 2 more months of it and possible more.....we've had snow in May.....

    stay safe and warm......

  19. Tea time always makes the cold better... especially in a beautiful cup! Enjoy! blessings ~ tanna

  20. Your tea set is beautiful! That sure cheers you up in cold winter :-)
    Love the bottle with kitty on it - so cute!

  21. That chintz teacup is so cheerful and fun, and I love your milk bottle. It's not going to be six more weeks here in Michigan; it's at least 10! As long as I don't have to drive in snow and ice, I love it. Such a cozy time of year.
    Great for cuddling up with a lap cat ;)

  22. It's a lovely cheerful cup Deb, and will surely make that cup of tea taste so much better.
    You have some gorgeous cups and saucers.

  23. I think everyone is waiting for spring...I see some daffodils sprouting up in my garden and hope it will be soon we have some color, XOXO