Sunday, April 26, 2015

A gift to cherish

Last week I received a lovely gift from one of my followers.  
Inside a little box with a sticker that read "You're the cat's meow''
was this beautiful tea-cup and saucer.
Inside a card Lana wrote, "This cup and saucer is one I have had for years but it reminded me of your new home and I wanted you to have it."
I was so thrilled and touched by this gift.
And then I noticed something wrapped up in pretty paper. When I opened it, sitting in my car, I started to cry.

Just look at this.

A beautiful tag with Ed and Lily's photograph and embellished with charms.

and on the back...
Two little faces I love with all my heart.

A beautiful tag done up with their photos and a touching quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Thank you so much, Lana. I know that when these two beloved cats passed away that you were very touched and saddened. I hope you know how much I appreciate this gift and I will always treasure it.
And, I will think of your kindness when I enjoy a cup of tea in this pretty cup.

I wish you had a blog, Lana, as I would love to meet you and your kitties, too.

For now, I send a big hug to you and your little fur babies.

hugs, Deb


  1. Goodness! Wonderful! Absolutely Wonderful!
    Now! Where did l put those tissues! Bless!x

  2. What a thoughtful person Lana sounds like. I must say it brought a tear to my eye too when I saw those two lil faces. I have a book mark with my Guiness' lil face on it. We love all our kittys but there is always one or two that hold special places.. Have a terrific Sunday ....

  3. Oh, my! The tag brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift! And the teacup -- a real beauty. It looks like spring. Happy Happy
    Purrs and hugs .....

  4. Oh dear, this even made me shed a tear. Like so many of your fans I felt I knew Ed and Lily and they gave me great joy. It is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing this. x

  5. What a beautiful gift Deb! So thoughtful of your blogfriend.

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  6. Such a loving and touching gift. Enjoy your tea in this beautiful tea cup.

  7. Am I the only one tearing up? Gail

  8. What an absolutely wonderful gift. So beautiful. But I must say, I joined you in your tears. They were so precious and this is so lovely. Lana must be a very special person to have thought of it and made it so well.

    Love to all at the Mouse House,

  9. Aw...I cried, too! SOOOO sweet and you will treasure that!

    Lana....join the blogs, dear! :)

  10. What a sweet and healing gift from such a thoughtful and understanding friend. People who don't have a love for animals simply don't realize how cherished such kindness is. A wonderful gift!

  11. Well you've brought a tear to my eyes too. What a special gift.

  12. Dearest Deb,
    Yes, I can imagine that such a precious gift from the heart brought tears to your eyes. Lana is a very special person!
    Hugs to you both.

  13. What a sweet and touching gift. The tag is so very special. What a kind person she is.

  14. Absolutely beautiful all of it :-) Big lump in my throat & tears in my eyes at such thoughtfullness. What a perfect gift xxx

  15. So thoughtful and kind....

  16. Oh, how sweet is that?
    You are loved, Deb.....

    Linda :o)

  17. Made me cry, too. And I only knew your cats through your blog and wonderful pictures. What a great and thoughtful gift.