Thursday, April 9, 2015

A home for the salt box

2 pretty Nuthatch enjoyed some seeds from the new feeder while I walked around on this dull, cool day, still picking up debri from the construction.

Here's what I know about our builders...

Nice guys; all of them.
One really  loved Glosette raisons after finding empty boxes everywhere.
They lived on Timmy's coffee.
They loved loud rock.
They all fancied themselves to be comedians.
They were all messy
and one went home without his socks.

I'll be picking up their trash for awhile, me thinks.

While shopping today I found some rock salt for my salt box. now has a new spot to show itself off.

Made in Germany
Found in a thrift shop

We now have more snow on the ground which makes clean-up almost impossible.
It fell all of yesterday and over-night.

"Ho hum"

I'm wondering what the poor robins are thinking.
Sometimes it's not good to be 'the early bird', I guess.

( from the mouse-house window)

hugs, Deb


  1. Construction crews are notoriously messy but usually nice. Love the salt box, just perfect for the Mouse House! More snow?? :(

  2. The salt box looks very nice indeed!

  3. Where we live there are frequently "site rules' posted, owner mandated, especially with the large custom homes. Most commonly no smoking or cigarettes on site, no alcohol and no eating inside the structure or leaving food or wrappers about. Some can get incredibly detailed.
    Maybe the construction crew can cart old man winter away with them.

  4. Builders here always clean up behind themselves. The last crew who worked while we were away, even helped Rina (who looks after our home) to move the furniture back into the rooms on Friday afternoon before they knocked off. Love the salt box. And your ceramic mixing bowl - I have an identical one.

  5. Have you ever noticed how no construction workers like classical music, jazz or folk? You'd think some would...

  6. This does seem like an endless winter, doesn't it? I love that salt box! What an amazing find!!!

  7. Here's one for ya.

    The early bird may get the worm,

    But...the second mouse gets the cheese.

    I guess the moral of the story is ...It's not always good to be first ..

  8. Haha, I love John Bellen's comment above!

  9. Oh Deb, the builders! I have heard of women builder crews and have wondered if they might not be a bit more efficient in some ways - not too mention less messy!
    "and one went home without his socks." – ? I would be putting out garage cans with a sign saying, "Use 'em." or “Your mother doesn’t live here”. For sure I would also no doubt be banned from the building site early on in the process or I would have to pay an absorbent nuisance fee for each visit! lol. You are doing well to be so patient.

    What a great little salt box to add to the mouse house! perfect!

    Love to you, (and sort of to the builders, too, – lol),

  10. Very pretty salt box--love blue and white dishes =)
    Sierra--is that you posing in the background?

  11. I think I've told you before how nice that salt box is! Gorgeous!

    Aw...your nuthatches are just adorable!

  12. I saw my first robin today. He looked very confused as he landed on the snow and then flew away :( No worms for him. Warmer temps tomorrow so spring will actually be on its way.

  13. I must laugh about the builders....I guess I've re-done about 7 different homes, as a single woman. All were messy construction crews, until I got to this last home. I've finally found the perfect builder !!

  14. Love the Nuthatches!
    They are even faster than the Chickadees!
    Love your salt box.....great thrifting!
    Enjoy your weekend....I will be busy writing in my journal!
    Linda :o)

  15. Contractors can be messy... and loud. I think these things make us really appreciate our projects once it is all over and cleaned up! Hehee. blessings ~ tanna

  16. I saw my first Robin yesterday. AT LAST!

  17. What a great find at that price! It's really pretty. I have a wooden one purchased in Provence, FR which sits on my countertop next to the stove - couldn't live with it now. Found a cute tiny wooden scoop at IKEA to dish out the salt for cooking - it feels old fashioned that way and I love that!

    Mary X

  18. Looks like Miss Robin got as far away from the show as she could. I love the salt box! That is so funny about the builders.